Monday, January 23, 2012

Diabetes Skycam On A String

I wish diabetes had an instant replay capabilities - sort of like my own diabetes Skycam.
Maybe if I had a camera on a string hovering over me like the NFLers do, I could capture and replay all those little moments (and rare) that led me to my diabetes victories, both big and small.
You know, like when I get a carb count right for an insanely filled carb meal or when I cut my temporary basal rate pre workout whilst figuring out and ingesting the perfect snack for said pre-work out activity (because every workout activity requires a different snack and temporary basal rate) so I don't have to stop mid-workout to fuel up. And I'd really appreciate the diabetes camera on a string zipping around on a day when my numbers seem to achieve Blood Sugar Nirvana without much effort and I'm not really sure why.
It's not that I don't remember what I did, because I do.... to a degree.
But it's those little nuances (portion size or food combos; wholegrain verses non whole grain, infusion set location/ deadspot issues, stress factors, mental status, time of the month - ladies, you know what I'm talking about, activity level(s) or the moon' s gravitational pull for that matter,) that seem to make the difference - And I don't always remember them... or the order in which the occur.
Same goes for when my numbers are all screwy for no real reason except because diabetes feels like being bitchy - which happens a lot more than I'd like to admit.
On the other hand, the more I think about having a diabetes Skycam zipping around my world on a string, the more I think it wouldn't work. First, it would be super expensive, not to mention inconvenient and bulky. And second, Diabetes Skycam on a string would only capture my diabetes movements from exterior angles, not interior ones.
It wouldn't capture my diabetes inner workings or my brains for that matter- And as we know - that's a pretty big part of diabetes. Not to mention the fact that it's completely unrealistic - but a hell of a visual!
Plus, I'd have to hire an announcer for the they diabetes instant replays - And again, that would be ridiculous expensive, incredibly annoying - not to mention creepy~

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