Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Change happens - In massive doses~

"The key to change.... is to let go of fear." Roseanne Cash

"We must become the change we want to see." Mahatma Gandi

"Change is inevetible, except from a vending machine." Robert C. Gallager

Change is good. Change can be exciting and educational all rolled into one and change can get your juices flowing.
And change can be scary - very scary. It can stop you in your tracks so that you don't move forward or go backwards, you just stay stuck and stagnant - and who the hell wants to live like that?
But life is all about change and changing. And life is about doing and being and becoming. And like it or not, life equals continual change.
Sometimes change happens over a period of time and with baby steps so that we can ease into and go with the flow.
Sometimes change is unwelcome and sad and leaves you longing for what was.
Friends will tell you that kind of change is character building and they're absolutely right - but at the time your going through that kind of change, it doesn't feel like your building up your character, it feels like your heart is breaking and your world is crumbling.
Most times, change (good, bad or somewhere in between) happens quickly and all at once. It's like maelstroms of newness, the unknown and the WTF all boiled up together for one hell of a ride. That kind of change turns us upside down and inside out and leaves us wondering which way is actually up.
But eventually we find we find our footing and figure out our new bearings and see the light at the end of the Crazy Change tunnel so that the new changes become the norm, until life decides to change again.

Why am I writing about change?? Because change is happening at a crazy pace with me right now - Most of it is really good, and all of it at a lightening quick speed. But good or not, fast changes can be really unsettling.
When it rains it pours in my world of change. I can sit here and stay put and get drenched and look like a drowned rat, but the change will still happen. Or I can grab an umbrella, roll up my sleeves, continue to work hard and plow through the change in order to become and be the person I'm truly meant to be~

Because change happens - And changes are happening.....


Kim said...

Big hugs to you, K2!

Scott S said...

You'll handle it like a champ! BTW, I am going to get show tix for your sister's show and I saw another Edward Albee play last weekend called the Lady from Dubuque and the woman who played Carol in the show (Tricia Paoluccio) reminded me so much of you in terms of looks and mannerisms it was scary! In any event, I hope you'll call on us if you need anything during this transition!

Mike Hoskins said...

You'll do great, Kelly. Changes are tough, but it's the way life goes. Good luck on embracing yours, my friend!

Colleen said...

I have an extra umbrella if you need it!