Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Moving, Diabetes & Found Supplies~

So I haven't used multiple daily injections in years, BUT.....
Box is 15X13 & is 6 inches deep. Not huge, about double with of a shoebox~
Aerial view taken from Kelly's iPhone

So when your prepping, packing, pitching and hitching to move from one place to another, it has a major effect on your diabetes. Meaning it’s cardiovascular and stressful all at the same time, so anything can happen.

So far, I’ve noticed that my numbers tending to stay in range during the day -eerily in range - Like do I still have diabetes range?? And my appetite is almost none existent during the day, but by dinner time, I’m starving!

Moving has also continually reminds me of how much diabetes supplies is a part of my life. I’ve always known that of course - Hell, I’ve have type 1 diabetes for 30 plus years, so how could I not?

Because In my quest to sort; organize, box, and pitch my shit, I’ve come across a boatload of supplies. Including at least 6 meters that no longer work, boxes of lances & dozens of loose unused lancets in both my desk and nightstand drawers. Numerous infusion sets and reservoirs, 3 boxes of needles (that I haven’t used in years, all opened,) one 1/2 finished container of expired ketone strips and a multitude rogue used test strips in the darkest corner of closets and old handbags.

So......yeah, it’s a good reminder and an interesting visual of this diabetes life and all it's many nuances and stages -And how freaking high maintenance I am!

Another diabetes supplies P.O.V.
Side view - taken from Kelly's iPhone

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Mike Hoskins said...

Great post, K2! We went through this recently too, moving from a bigger house into a smaller one and requiring much repacking and reorganizing. Not to mention pitching a whole lot of stuff. Found many unused supplies and got them reorganized, and it was overly stressful leaving our first home. That had a huge impact on my numbers, not to mention all the exercise of just moving the big furniture! Hope your move treated you well (or is) and the new digs are working out!