Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Diabetesaliciousness Super Powers/Shero

WegoHealth 's Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge, Day 3, is all about Health Activists being Super Heroes & having Super Powers!

Hey, I'm down with that - but because of my move, I was unable to get it together for this 30 day writing challenge!

Obviously, organization during a major move isn't real a strong point/ super power of mine ;)

But I still wanted to participate in a good number of the writing challenges - And the whole Super Powers/Super Hero subject ROCKS.

OK, back to the challenge: if you had a super power what would it be/how would you use it/them?
I'm a Diabetes Super Hero - At least in my own mind (which is a very weird place to be,) and wrote about Sheroism briefly in a post called: Diabetesalicious Wolverina - Courtesy of Type1Tidbits

I've updated my Shero status a bit and hope you like it!

Image courtesy at Type1tidbits (which is unfortunately, no longer an active site- We miss you Chris!) & DeviantArt
FYI:Abs in artist's rendition portrait appear different than in real life.

Diabetesalicious Super Shero Kelly/k2
Alias: Pascale

Nick Name: Diabetesalicious Wolverina
Weapons/Accessories of choice: A broken pancreas, a robot Insulin Pump Pancreas, glocometer, Lancome Prune Drama Girl lipstick,
Fresh Plum Lip Treatment, 50 sunscreen, Sweetarts, a sardonic wit, & a booming Diabetes Voice.
The ability to act as her own pancreas 24X7, 365 times a year with no time off for vacations or good behavior!
Can look at a plate of food and correctly guesstimate the amount of carbs on said plate at least 38% of the time and to the amazement of all who know her, takes her blood sugar with just a lancet and sans lancing device.
Fights the good fight, busting diabetes myths while battling the Diabetes Police @ every turn. All while trying to maintain Blood Sugar Nirvana and a sassy attitude~

So, Super Heath Activist Hero, what's your super power(s)?
And to find other Super Health Activist Heroes on the twitter, look for the #HAWMC hashtag!


Penny said...

Cool post Kel. Cool pic. We should all walk around like that 24/7. We would kick D's ass!
I posted about my superpower for Grace - Confidence Projector. Hee hee hee
Am trying to do 30 posts in 30 days...

kim said...

i love your alter ego!! she's kickass!!