Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 7 of Diabetes Blog Week: My Diabetes Hero

It's Day 7 of Diabetes Blog Week - And it's all about Heroes - As in: Who is my Diabetes Hero.
And it doesn't matter if that Hero is a type1, type 1.5, type2 or type 3.
My Diabetes Hero was my mom - Even though her pancreas worked fine until a few years ago. 
She never gave up, she always had a smile and a kind word and she could kick major ass when she needed to. 
My mother was a resilient woman whose sparkle could be seen from a mile away.
And my mother  always picked herself up  by her bootstraps and plowed ahead no matter what obstacles life tossed in her way - And she expected each of her children to do the same. 
My mom had 6 children, and three of those children had type 1 - And one of them passed away from type 1. 
She also had a husband with type 1 diabetes.
And my mother persevered. She kept moving and kept going and she NEVER gave up. 
And she never let her children with diabetes use diabetes as a crutch or an excuse - It was a part of life and we had to face it head on. 
And that attitude was one of the greatest gifts my mother ever gave me.
My mom had a heart that was filled with love and laughter.
But unbeknownst to us, she had a damaged heart from having scarlet fever as a baby - but no one realized it was damaged until she was in her 60s.
She was all "damn the torpedos" and damn them she did.
She was an athlete, a mother, a caregiver and an amazing woman. 
Here's the thing: my mom's heart was only working at 25% for the past four or five years, but my mom never told any of us that, and Girlfriend did more with a heart at 25% then most people did with a heart working at 100%.
She made her heart adapt and work for her. 
She never let it stop her from living or laughing or loving and she not only had a blast - she had a social life that would make most of us jealous!
And in the end it wasn't her 25% heart that did her in.

I miss my mom a lot  - But I was quite a lucky chicklet to have her for as long as I did. 
She's the reason I see the glass half full and she's the reason I keep on trucking. 
She's the reason I am tough and sweet all rolled into one and she's the person who inspires me every single day - Both in my life - And my life with diabetes - And even though she's no longer here. 

Pink Hat, Red Hat.
Mom & I about 3 months before I was diagnosed


Sara said...

Gorgeous Kelly! :)

Kelly said...

When I hear you talk about your Mom I always wish I could have known her! Her strength, outlook and resilience shines through YOU. True hero indeed, both your mother for you and your family....and YOU for the DOC? Love you Kelly!

Mike Hoskins said...

Wonderful post, Kelly! Thanks for sharing this about your mom.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you so much for sharing this Kelly - she sounded like an incredible person and a true Diabetes hero x

C said...

Beautiful tribute to your mother, Kelly. She truly sounds like a wonderful, strong woman. She lives on through your posts and memories. Thanks for sharing her with us.

shannon said...

this made me smile so much! beautiful! :)