Thursday, May 24, 2012

Diabetes & Depression

Let Your Light Shine Bright....

May is National Mental Health Month - And I wanted to get this post up before it was over. 
You may have read Sara & Scott's wonderful posts on Depression this week, and if you haven't - READ THEM NOW! And you may have participated in last night's #dsma on the twitter.  The whole chat was devoted to diabetes and depression and how to get through those times when you're feeling depressed.
Do yourself a favor and checkout the conversation. 

So here's what I think (and by think I mean KNOW,) about depression and diabetes related depression
There's no shame in the the falling down - it's the staying down that causes very real problems. 
Bottom line: Everybody falls down in life, (I'm talking metaphorically here, so falling down = depression,) and in life with diabetes.  
Some are genetically predisposed to depression and some are not, but all PWDs are dealing with very real life issue of living with a chronic disease, 24X7 & 365 days a year. Then add any all major life changes that get thrown our way (like the death of a loved one, a move, a change in job or relationship status,) and every thing else in between- And depression is absolutely a very real thing and it's nothing to be ashamed of.  
Personally, I think every single one of us living with diabetes has experienced depression to some degree. 
Some develop coping mechanisms early on, and others (and by "others" I mean MOST) develop coping mechanisms over time and with some help from both friends and trained mental healthcare professionals.
Falling down is par the course is life. So if you find yourself feeling down and feeling tired - that's OK. Talk to someone. 
Let your friends know how you're feeling and find a therapist who you feel ''gets you" and take it from there. The therapist might prescribe a combo of talk therapy, medication and movement and together the both of you consider the best treatment(s) for you. 
As for me - I've had those moments when I've fallen down - And worked very hard to get back up again. And while we're being honest, there were times when I needed a helping hand. So I grabbed that hand and took the help - And I'm so glad I did. And every now and then I need a tune up. 
Look, there will be days in life and life with diabetes that are tougher than others and there will be moments when you just don't feel like dealing. 
But you will get up and find your footing again. And buy getting up and asking for help when you need it, you will find that your light from within will shine as bright as the sun! And that by helping yourself to shine and stand tall, you will help every single person you come in contact with - And that my friends is a beautiful thing!


Anonymous said...

Thank-you so much for sharing this Kelly. I agree about how nearly every type 1 will experience this to some extent, but I have always felt this stigma attached to it - like I can never talk about it when I feel this way. I really cannot thank-you enough for speaking publicly about this. You really are such an inspiring person, and I am so happy I have found your blog :)


Cara said...

Such a great post Kelly! And so true.

Alison @ D-Rookie Blog said...

Yet another great post Kelly, and such an important one!

Mike Hoskins said...

Great and very important post, Kelly. Thanks for writing this.

Mike Hoskins said...

Great and very important post, Kelly. Thanks for writing this.

Scully said...

me+diabetes+genetic disposition towards depression=real