Friday, July 20, 2012

Bolus Worthy Smile

Behold the power of Nutella - And I bet you anything that just seeing a picture of this bolus worthy treat makes you smile - it's a smile in a jar! 

Disclosure: I love Nutella, the very sight of it makes me smile - and I can bolus for it no problem.
I have no relationship with Nutella nor do I own stock in the company - but now that I'm thinking about it, those options don't seem like bad ideas!
Today I needed to smile and saw this pic in my Instagram account ( I took the pic last week) and it totally made me smile - And I hope it makes you smile too~
Yummy, bolus worthy deliciousness in a jar!


Cara said...

:) Mission accomplished.

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Damn Straight!! The girls LOVE them some Nutella...and it's way easier on Bean's BGs than a lot of other sweet options, so it's always in the pantry around here!!

Andrea said...

Nutella=Happiness in our house too.