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Monday, July 9, 2012

Children With Diabetes Friends For Life 2012 Teaser ~

I'm still wrapping my head, brain and heart around all that has happened this past week and I need more time to get my thoughts together. 
A lot went down and the emotions were turned to up to 11.
There was so much laughter and tears at Children With Diabetes Friends For Life and honestly guys, I need to process everything that happened and organize my thoughts a before I blog about them. 
So while I figure out a post (posts) where I can articulate everything that's in my head and transfer them onto my keyboard and into computer, here are three pics that I think will make you smile. 
My Friends For Life green bracelet/talisman and touchstone that I longed for has now been joined by other Friends For Life bracelets on my left wrist - And my right wrist is filled with all types of diabetes bracelets I picked up at the exhibition hall.
And quite frankly, every time I look down at both wrists I can't stop smiling!

Plus, I kinda feel like Wonder Woman with all these superpower bracelets!! 

"They" say a picture is worth a thousand words - And this one comes complete with cupcake carb count included.
To me, this pic describes how  perfectly perfect and sweet the Friends For Life world is - Pun intended! 

Type 3, Type Me (type 1 & type 3) & Type 1 = The Butterfly Sisters & Friends For Life~


Stacey said...

I hope you know that you can't just cut off the bracelets... you have to wear them til they disintegrate !! It was great meeting you...

Stacey said...

ok, so you do know that you can't just cut off the bracelets...
You have to wear them til they disintegrate and fall off.

It was great meeting you !

NeurosurgeryNP said...

Awesome sauce. I hope I can attend in 2013.

Mike Hoskins said...

Some great cupcake and face-painted awesomeness to tide us over! Thanks, K2. Looking forward to the posts, and hope all is smooth on your end post-FFL in the real world.

Meri said...

These pictures did make me smile. Love you!

Scott E said...

11 carbs? Really? I would've SWAGged more (though it is hard to get a perception of size in the picture). It's great that they offered that info. Did you find it to be helpful/accurate?

Lora said...

So glad I got the change to meet you. I wish I could have gone all week.

shannon said...

beautiful pics! :D