Friday, July 27, 2012

Heading To Indy: Do You Have Any Questions For Roche?

On Sunday July 29th I fly to Indianapolis, Indiana to attend the 4th Annual Roche Social Media Summit along with 34 members of the DOC. The Summit last until Tuesday July 31st and I know that we will cover a lot of ground.
And while I'm incredibly excited and honored to attend, I want to do my best (actually, everyone attending want to do their best) to represent YOUR voice in the Diabetes On-Line Community.
So if you have any questions; issues, or just have something that you'd like the folks at Roche to know, go for it! Feel free to leave a comment on this post, Monday's post, or email me directly and I'll be sure to forward the info. And FYI: No topic is off limits. 
You can also follow the summit (and participate) on "The Twitter" by following the hashtag: #dSummit12.

Until then, catch you on the Indy flip side and have a great weekend!!!


Wendy said...

How about working with insurance companies to get CGMs approved for Type 2s that are insulin dependent? My highs & lows often have identical symptoms and an in-range test tells me nothing---am I falling? Rising? Recovering? Waiting an additional 15 minutes to test to see which direction I'm headed can be the difference between roller-coaster-ing the rest of the day or re-achieving relative stability.

worker said...

yes.why can walmart offer strips at $9.00 for 50?

Meagan said...

Why on earth are their strips so costly? It was hard for me to pay for strips even WITH insurance at times. Thank you for going there Kelly, you'll be a great voice for us! :)