Thursday, July 12, 2012

Randomly CWD

Just a few Randomly heard snippets  in the halls of Children With Diabetes

"Is that your pump beeping or mine?" 

"I can't believe the waffles are only 12 carbs for each 1/2  - And it's so cool that we know what the carb count is!!!"

"Look Mommy, she has green bracelet too!"

"Why is there a grown up getting her face painted??" 

"Momma - Her got a butterfly painted on her face too!"

"I'm low!"

"I gotta go eat!

"I'll meet you by the Starbucks!"

"Dude, have you tried the pulled pork - It's AMAZING. "

Teen Green Bracelet Wearing Boy in the Elevator: 
So..., are you going to the dance tonight??? 
Me: Ahhhh, no. I just had my birthday and missed the cutoff by THAT MUCH. So I have to hangout with the adults. 
Sidebar: YES, a teen boy actually asked me that in the elevator - Scientific proof that CWD takes decades of wrinkles off your face.

"Crap, I forgot my test strips in the room!" 
"Here, use mine!" 
"COOL, thanks." 

"They have glucose tab stations all over the hotel - THAT'S AWESOME." 

"There's a CWD tent and fridge set up at the pool just for juice boxes, insulin, and insulin pumps - AWESOME." 

"The mini cupcakes are 11 grams of carbs each - So I'll have to times my bolus by a million!"

How many more days till the first day of CWD FFL 2013??


Scully said...

so many more idioms we can add to this!
ME: "You gotta try the orange cream glucose tablets at Glucolift, their delicious!"
I never thought I would use "glucose tablet" and "delicious" in the same sentence.

Anonymous said...

What about...."Don't worry about it, just tell people there are peppers in the room" Said after two PWDs shared a "moment" and a great hug.

Jason ;-)

Unknown said...

"Look Mommy! We have security clearance to the gluten-free table."

(And it was some freaking amazing food!!!!!)

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

"I like your number better than my number"
said by the girl with the 337 when Bean had an 88 :)