Friday, August 17, 2012

Insane With Diabetes Brain

Diabetes Brain: When you see and or hear something that has nothing to do with diabetes and some how relate it to a thing(s) having to with diabetes.

I have Diabetes Brain - And I've accepted that fact about myself and can admit it freely.
Like last night I wrote the following as my facebook status: Salad with tomatoes and scrambled eggs with fresh basal and provolone cheese - It's what's for dinner!
And it took fellow Diabetes Blogger and busted pancreas alum Jacquie from Bad Pancreas to point it out to me!
Jacquie wrote: You know you're a diabetic when you spell the spice like the insulin dose. :)
And I just about ROTFALMFAO right then and there!
Then there was the time last week when I was watching the Olympics and there was a segment on the U.S. Women's Relay team and how phenomenal those ladies are. And not only are those ladies lightening quick, they are physically sculpted like nobody's business. Those athletes have amazingly chiseled abs and all I could think of when I saw them was: WOW, if I was as cut as those ladies, would I still be able to wear my pump on my abdomen??
When I watch a crime show on TV and they say the suspect/victim/roommate is "high," I immediately think they're talking about bloodsugars instead of illegal substances.
When the detectives talk about "trace amounts of evidence," I always think about the diabetes dark ages and urine testing and clinitest tablets. Back then "Trace" was Hunter Green in color and meant that you only had trace amounts of sugar in your urine.
And yes, whenever I see the color HUNTER GREEN, I think "Trace" as in urine, and really bad color schematics from the 1980's.
Last week I received an email from alerting me to a major discount on a Tubing (white water rafter) trip and I immediately thought: Wow, I didn't know LivingSocial was in the insulin pump biz!
Then there was the time a few years back when my friend bought an new car and it came complete with a built in iPod docking station. She was all excited about the fact, but when she showed me the docking station I was like: Hey, an insulin pump docking station!
I've experienced Diabetes Brain anytime and anywhere - How about you?
Have you ever found yourself insane with the diabetes brain?


jacquie said...

I, too, have replaced "basil" with "basal." That's why I was so quick to see it!

Amber said...

Yes! I do this stuff all the time! It's a side effect of diabetes being 24/7/365. It's always there, whether we want it to be or not.

Unknown said...

Guilty as charged!!!!

Doesn't EVERYONE consider how many carbs are in EVERYTHING they see (even if they're not actually planning to eat it!) all day long?