Friday, October 5, 2012

Movement.... 42 Days Later

It's been 42 days since I've started the 4 times a week of movement (working out) for no less than 45 minutes a pop, and I've noticed a few things:
1. My daily amount of insulin (for the most part,) has gone down  - Except of course for those times when it's gone up.
2. Riding my bike is a hell of a lot of fun!
3. I find myself changing my abdominal infusion sets more often - And I think it's because my workout skort (a workout skirt with built in shorts & so much more flattering then workout shorts,) is causing friction right where my infusion site is. Has anyone else experienced going through infusion sets like crazy when they workout?
4. I feel happier after I work out.
5. I feel more awake after a workout, which has the potential to be a really great thing.
But right now....not so much. I'm working out after work and I have a rough time falling asleep at night to begin with, and working out makes it even more difficult.
6. I don't know if I've lost any weight because quite frankly, I haven't gotten on the scale. Moving four times a week in the cardio sense wasn't just about weight, it was about being healthy and fit. But I did try on last years jeans and they look good!
7. It's a lot easier to workout when you don't think of it as an actual workout.

So has anyone else experienced a new found appreciation for "moving," and if so how did you/ do you keep the momentum going?
For those in the know, how does one winterize their bikes? Does one winterize their bikes?
And finally, how the heck to I force myself to get up before work to "move?"


Kate Cornell said...

yay for you! This is awesome. I started power walking on my treadmill earlier this year and have felt SO much better since then. My motivation is easy: I'm a T2 who doesn't use insulin so exercise is one of the ways I can help to control my bg. Now that I've been at this awhile I don't even think twice before hopping on the treadmill...30 minutes of hard walking every day! Can't help you with the winterizing or infusion site questions but I bet your skort is cute!

StephenS said...

Kelly, it sounds like you're doing great!

All I can say about working out before work is that it's hard at first. But like everything else, you get used to it. However, if you've got a Monday through Friday gig, you can always try working out on Saturday and Sunday, so you only have to get up early twice during the week.

The only winterization of my bike that I do is to park it (upside-down) in the basement until Spring.

Happy to hear you're going so well.

Amanda said...

I think changing things up and doing different things keeps me going. I rotate between evening Zumba, morning Aerobics, running, and bike riding.

Anonymous said...

I like putting my sites on my arm... I found that pants rub my hips and last time I put in my leg it kinked, cause the muscle is close to the skin (I suppose). Arms work pretty well, unless you work your biceps a lot, I suppose. (:

Scott K. Johnson said...

Yay you! Go Kelly!