Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Special/Awesome Sibling Of This D-Kid!

Special indeed! This wonderful day was started by AlexisSherry a few years back and even has it's own facebook page!

She's my big sister Cathy  -  My parents child #5 to my child #6.
She refers to me as her "first baby" & always told me that having me as her baby sister 
made her realize that she wanted to be a mom.
When we were little she took me everywhere.
And she always bought me the best gifts!
We shared the same bed and the day she left for college I cried for weeks because I missed her terribly.
 For my entire life Cathy's been my hero, my protector, my biggest ally & greatest friend. 
And Cathy sees me in ways that I wish I could see myself.

Since my mom passed she worries about me even more - And I feel bad about that she's spent 35 years worrying about me.
She always calls to see if I'm OK if she hasn't heard from me all week and tells me that there's nothing in this life I can't do.

She's worried about my diabetes  since she was 18 and has always cheers me on in all my pancreatic endeavors.

And I don't know how I would have made it through life with out her.

Family by birth, friend by choice
Caring type 3 -
Who sees (and is) the best parts of me.
Sweet to my tart
and Keeper of my heart...
She's my big sister Cathy & I love her.
kelly kunik~

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