Wednesday, November 14, 2012

World Diabetes Day - And Forging Ahead~

The Blue Circle is the international symbol for Diabetes  - AND IT ROCKS~

November 14th is World Diabetes Day - A day when those of us living with diabetes come together globally and advocate and educate the world on what diabetes is - And what it's like to live a diabetes life. 
We advocate for ourselves and others, both in real life and on-line and continue to "do," get our blue on and forge ahead with our lives and our lives as Diabetes Advocates.  
And speaking of forging ahead, so many people ask me how can they advocate for diabetes? Some are afraid of speaking up, others are afraid, and still others just feel incredibly overwhelmed with their life/ new life with diabetes. 

I tell them to take a leap and just start doing - that they're diabetes voices are louder and more for reaching than they know. And that as long as they're speaking  straight from their hearts/busted pancreases  - IT will all work out.   
But with that being said, what are some inside/outside of the box (or in the case, the Blue Circle) ways that you advocate for diabetes awareness - And what advice do you have for others when comes to advocating for diabetes? 


Kelly said...

Maddison and I speak on the live video announcements at school every year during the month of November and guess what? Last year a diagnosis was made EARLY for a young teen at our school because of it. :)

My advice is, BELIEVE that even ONE voice makes a difference.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Yep, I agree, K2. Sometimes we have to take that scary step and just start.

And how cool to read Kelly L.'s comment! Way to go!