Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday: D-O-C Special Delivery~

Is this post late? Yep & it's all my fault. 
Do I love what it represents? DAMN STRAIGHT I DO! 
Cards courtesy of the DOC, Collage courtesy of Insta-Collage Pro 

I have to be honest, I didn't realize how emotional celebrating 35 years with diabetes would be until I started receiving Diaversary cards in mid October, about 2 weeks before October 31st, a.k.a., Halloween & my 35 Diaversary.
 Every time I went to the mailbox I'd burst into to tears after reading that days card/ cards - They made me feel loved and brought with them a DOC tri-fecta of tears, smiles and laughter at every glance.
And I'm still overwhelmed with the DOC Tri-fecta every time I read them. 
These cards arrived before, during and after Hurricane Sandy & they helped get me through some tough times. And while I didn't get to celebrate my 35th Diaversary the way I wanted, I felt incredibly loved and blessed none the less! 

Little did I know (until a little flower headed bird told me,) that Penny from ASweetGrace was behind Operation Diaversary Card!

It seems that our gal Penny sent a few emails out and the cards began to show up! 
Penny and Grace have always made me smile, both in IRL (in real life) and on -line and the fact that they spearheaded the Diaversary card movement just shows you how huge their hearts are!
So a ginormous THANK YOU from the bottom of my busted pancreas for all the DOC LOVE that was (and continues to be,) sent my way on a daily basis and REDONKULOUS amounts of  XOXOXOXOXO to Penny, Grace and the entire DOC family!  



Penny said...

I have no idea what you are talking about. I just thought it was DOC magic, at it's finest. ;0)
Glad they helped you celebrate YOU!

Mike Hoskins said...

I thought it was Halle Berry who started the whole thing... :))

Oh well. Happy Diaversary, again, K2!!!!!

Scott E said...

Penny's right. The DOC really is magical...

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

It was so much fun surprising you! :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

You are such a gem, K2. These cards and well-wishes were the least we could do.