Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Today's Giveaway: Hail Merry Gluten Free Deliciousness!

Congratulations to Aliza Chan Zaleon for winning yesterday's Glucolift Sample Pack prize!
Thanks to all who entered!
You can still get 15% off via the "TRYGLNOW" coupon code for all orders over $10 & until the end of the year at or their store on

Today's giveaway are gluten free macaroons courtesy of 
These treats are not only gluten free and made of all natural ingredients (ingredients listed at the end of the post, but they're also incredibly bolus worthy and easy to bolus for - And they will knock your damn socks off! 

2 people will have the opportunity to win Hail Merry Macaroons,(which actually taste more like brownies or blondies, IMHO) in either Choco or Blond & will have those treats delivered to their door in a festive "First Love Blue Macaroon Tin."

This tins normally retail for $20 each, but are FREE to today's winners!! 

Thank you HAILMERRY.COM!! 
Choco goodnessThe choco macaroons are so darn chocolately that some might actually get them confused with brownies!
Serving size: 2 Choco's = 10 grabs of carbs & 3 grams of fiber
Blond Macaroons
Blond Macaroons are vanilla perfection
Serving Size; 2 Blondies = 10 grams of carbs & 3 grams of fiber

You might be saying: Gluten free! How do they taste? 
I'm here to tell you these Macaroons taste great!!! 
I first tried Hail Merry products after watching a segment on Good Morning America which featured them. 
And I couldn't help but notice that George Stephanopoulos and company couldn't stop eating the macaroons - They were actually saying: I can't stop eating these macaroons!! 
By the end of the 3 minute segment there were barely any macaroons left on the table and as the camera panned out, George S & friends  were still eating them like it was the last supper!
That's when I decided to order me up a Hail Merry Snack Pack - And I've been hooked on their products ever since! 
Look guys, I don't have gluten issues and I love these macaroons! 
i'm also a huge fan of their Hail Merry Grawnola!  

Who can enter the contest ? 
Anyone with diabetes or gluten issues or anyone who loves someone with diabetes or gluten issues.

How can you win?
Simply leave a comment saying why you'd like to win & what flavor you'd prefer.

You have until 8pm tonight to leave your comments and & at 8:45 (15 minutes early because of the #DSMA  twitter chat at 9) I'll announce two winners on the Diabetesaliciousness facebook page and twitter! 

Choco Macaroons: organic maple syrup, organic shredded coconut, Fair trade dark cocoa, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic Madagascar bourbon vanilla, & sea salt. 
 Blond Macaroons: organic shredded coconut, organic maple syrup, natural raw almond flour, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic Madagascar bourbon vanilla, sea salt.


Katie said...

I've never tried blonde macaroons! They sound delish. =)

Anonymous said...

My daughter Roxy (4 1/2) is T1D and my mom (68) has celiac. We'll take chocolate if we're lucky enough to win!

Melissa E said...

Oh yumm! These look so good! I have T1 and gluten issues. I would love to try some of these...the chocolate would be my preference (the other has nut flour and I am allergic to nuts) Thanks for the giveaway!

kandice said...

Yummy! Two of my daughters have Celiac Disease and one is a Type 1 Diabetic. They would love the chocolate ones. ;)

Unknown said...


And because I have celiac. And my T1 kiddo has celiac. And my mom has celiac. And my grandmother has celiac.

But, mostly, because they're so yummy, and I'd eat them even if we didn't have celiac!!!!!

Since everyone else seems to prefer the chocolate ones, I'll happily take the blondes off your hands :)

Jen H said...

I think I would like the chocolate ones better, but I think my t1, gluten free son would like the blonde ones!

Alecia said...

I can not possibly choose between the 2! they both sound Deeeeeeelicious! Although I don't have celiac, I do rock the T1D AND my doggie is gluten free. Life is funny like that. xo

Emily said...

Those sound delicious! I would love to be able to try the blonde flavor... well actually I would like to try both, but if i have to choose, it would be blonde :)

Jenn said...

I LOVE Macaroons.. and no one else in my house does, so I wouldn't have to share these treats... especially if they were the chocolate ones.. then my hubby wouldn't sneak one either.

Debra said...

Those sound good I'm T1, not gluten free, but I would like to try a tasty dessert made with alternative flours, curious about how they would affect my BG. I would want blonde.

Rachel said...

I would love to win these for my mom. She not only had celiac, but is also allergic to dairy products (which I noticed were not in the ingredients!). I'd love to give her a sweet treat that she (and I) can have. Both look amazing but the chocolate ones are my top pick.

joe said...

I'ld love to try the blondes please!

Little Red Riding Girl said...

I love HailMerry - so yummy and delicious and almondy-y and coconut-y and not brutal on my BGs! I would love to win the Choco macaroons. Thanks!!

Melissa said...

I'm always wanting to try something new and these sound yummy! I wouldn't care what flavor but who turns down chocolate?!

Anonymous said...

It's Lexi I am locked out of my blogger :(

But a lil birdy told me to come enter your giveaway

So here I am! With all my food allergies it's rare that I can eat something so yummy so these are awesome!!

I'm a chocolate girl ;)

erin spineto said...

So bummed I missed the Glucolift giveaway. I love those things. But, if I ay win tonight, I would love the chocolate :)

Domestic Diva said...

We eat gluten free and I LOVE macaroons. I think I'd want to try the chocolate, but they both sound great.

grivin said...

I love to eat macroone but never tried blonde macaroons. It looks superb and tasty.

Sarah Spiller said...

These would be delicious! I just wish I had found this giveaway in time for me to enter. :(