Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kelly’s 2013 Improvements/Goals

I’m not a fan of resolutions because I think that when you use the term “New Years Resolutions,” you set yourself up to fail by February. 
Instead. I’m going to list my Improvement/ Goals for 2013 - Some I've already started. I’m listing them publicly to the DOC because it makes me more apt to achieve those improvements/ goals - And if I can help anyone else embrace and achieve their improvements and goals in the process, I'm all for it!
FYI:  The following Improvement/ goals aren't in any particular order.

1. Get more organized: After moving and dealing with my mom’s estate last Spring - I sort of hit a wall both emotionally and organizationally speaking. My place doesn’t feel like home, it feels like a storage unit  where I go to sleep after work. I need to change that. 

2. Move more:  By “move” I mean exercise more regularly. I was doing this on a daily basis in the the fall and riding 40 miles a week , until my trigger finger and tendinitis interrupted my nightly bike-rides. I’m still dealing with both but I’ve joined a gym and plan on swimming and doing the elliptical. And I’m getting back on the bike via spinning (with super padded bike gloves,) because I really miss what it does to my head, not to mention my ass and blood sugars.  

3. Do more in the Diabetes Community - Both On-line & Off: Diabetes Advocacy is my passion and I love helping others. I want to write more, help others more, do more, and accomplish more in 2013. And I WILL. 

4. Make the appointment & the time to meet with a Therapist: After my mom died I was so busy with the estate that I didn’t deal with the emotions that came from losing my mom and last surviving parent. 
Within 6 months of her death I had moved, cleaned and sold her house, distributed her personal belongings and travelled a good deal for work in the Spring and  Summer - All while acting as Executor of her estate.  
I was incredibly overwhelmed and at the end of many a day, I’d cry in private. 
My Executor duties are now completed, except for a few loose ends - And I feel better and I’m moving forward and embracing all that 2013 has to bring. But I still think I need to talk with someone. 
I’m sharing this with the DOC because I think it’s really important to realize that every single one of us has moments when they need a hand - Especially when it comes to losing someone we love or losing a fully functional pancreas and all that comes with it, for that matter. 
Grief comes in all forms and affects us on so many levels - Levels that we don’t even realize until later. 
I’ve called a therapist and have scheduled my long overdue first appointment - Because even the most extraordinary machines need a tune- up every now and then ;)  

So those are my improvement/ goals for 2013.  Please feel free to share yours... or not~


Allison Nimlos said...

I'm so glad you're seeking the help you need. So many people don't do it, and it's such a brave step. :) LY/MI.

Reem said...

big hugs, kelly! you continue to inspire and amaze me! and i totally agree about the counseling...there've been a few times in my life where i suddenly hit this emotional wall and found counseling to really help me work through the hurdles and come out with some good skills. hang in there and otherwise hope you're doing well, superwoman!

Cara said...

I think those are amazing goals & I know you'll get them done! :) I'm glad you're going to talk to a therapist. I'm also here any time you need to talk. (((hug)))

Kelly said...

I'm all for improvements instead of resolutions! Your list is near identical to mine, but I'm happiest to hear you already had a jump start! I currently am suffering from a bad case of the F* its after the holidays and cringing the anniversary date of my fathers death on the 20th, so I'm thinking this post just slapped me in the face with a nice dose of reality....Therapy is GOOD and its time I MAKE time for it. As always K2, you keep me motivated through your awesomeness! Oh, and my ass was listening running shoes are still waiting for me!

Alecia said...

I love your list and am excited for you. Much love Kelly! xo

Ale said...

You are very brave for seeking therapy! Sometimes it becomes too hard to deal with all the lemons life throws at us and I find that it takes a lot of power to acknowledge when we need help.