Saturday, February 23, 2013

Do You Do Diabetes Different On The Weekend?

Because I'm all for fitting in a little 80's music into a blog post anyway I can!

Weekends - Everybody loves them .... And according to "LoverBoy," the  one hit wonder 80's band: Everybody's working for the weekend..... And apparently rocking the red leather pants,  matching red headband & matching red bandanna neckerchief!
SIDEBAR; Not everyone should rock red leather pants, or the red headband for that matter. And  IMHO (in my humble opinion) unless you're sitting on top of a horse or work on a ranch - I don't suggest the red neckerchief - Because cowboys are the only ones who can make that look work. 

As for me, I dig weekends - I like to be with my friends, work on projects (or not,)  or just putz around,
On weekends I don't feel guilty relaxing (thought I do feel guilty for not exercising as much as of late,) and things tend to move at a slower pace.
But no matter how busy or relaxed my weekends are - diabetes is still a factor.
Diabetes is with me, (and by ME I mean US,)  on the most hectic of Saturdays and the laziest of Sundays.

So my question to you on this  last Saturday in  February 2013 is this: Do you have a different set of Diabetes Rules on the weekend??
Wait - Maybe diabetes rules isn't the right term - How about: Do you do diabetes different on the weekend?

For me - I still test my blood sugars like a crazy lady on the weekends - But I am a little bit more liberal in the carb department on the weekends - If my friends and I go to brunch, I'm having the home fries!

Speaking of brunch, I eat my breakfast (a.k.a., brunch) later on the weekends- Which isn't a big deal because I'm on the insulin pump.

So how about you -  How do you do diabetes different on the weekend?


Mike said...

I am totally different on the weekends. I eat the same stuff during the week a lot, I am sort of lazy and it makes it easier to keep my BG very stable. On weekends, there's more time to eat, to cook, to exercise, etc. so I do all of the above differently so I do diabetes differently too.

Bruce in the mountains said...

Sundays is my weekend & I have to check bgs every 2 hours even if I don't eat until noon. Probably I need to set a Sunday profile. With the dexcom I've got good graphs of each day to see the difference.

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Bean has a completely different basal setting for the weekend. She requires more insulin on the weekend...not as much glucose burning thinking on Sat and Sun! She also does more of her own picking and making and eating on the weekend, so there's always more carbs involved!

Stupid Girl and the Train Wreck said...

I don't have diabetes yet, but I suspect I will around 50 which is when my mother got it. I diet differently on weekends meaning that I have a bad habit of not sticking to it. Same with exercise. Maybe that's why I've been on a diet for the past 11 years,