Monday, February 11, 2013

Spare A Rose, Save A Child - And Give Children With Type 1 Diabetes In Developing Countries A Chance To Bloom~

Valentine's Day is upon us and flowers are being ordered & chocolates are being bought - And it's all about the love~

But by the end of the week the money you've spent on your Valentine's Day bounty will be long gone ..... And the only lingering effects will be the charge on your credit cared.
But here's a thought: Instead of buying a dozen roses for your for the one you love this holiday, why not buy 11 roses and save the life of a child with type 1 diabetes with the cost of the twelfth rose??

Donating the cost of a single rose will allow a child with type 1 diabetes to live... to grow... and to bloom.

 Kerri Sparling, Bennet Dunlap, Kelly Close & Adam Brown from Diatribe, Manny Hernandez and Jeff Hitchcock from CWD, (and some help from the folks over at J&J) worked together and came up   "Spare A Rose, Save A Child,' initiative, running now through February 16th. 
During that time, donate the cost of that one rose and help raise awareness & funding for  IDF's (The International Diabetes Federation)  "Life For A Child," Program. 

For the cost of a single red rose you can help the International Diabetes Foundation's 'Life For A Child program, which builds life saving Diabetes Centers around the globe to help children with type 1 diabetes. 

YOUR donation will provide a child with diabetes essentials to live including; insulin, glucose monitioring equipment, clinical care, diabetes education and specialized diabetes medical care. 

All of that - for the cost of one rose.  Talk about a gift that keeps giving! 

DOCers, help spread the word about 'Spare A Rose, Save A Child' throughout the Diabetes Online Community and beyond!
 Blog about it, post about it on facebook and use the hashtag: #sparearose on both twitter & instagram to help spread the love!  

Spare A Rose, Save A Child  - What's not to love?  


Bennet said...


Love Ya Mean It K2.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Thanks for helping to spread the word, K2!

Jeff Hitchcock said...

Great post K2, thanks for sharing.