Thursday, March 14, 2013

Did You Just Call Me A Dbag?

Two salty posts in a row - And it's all diabetes fault!

My friend, who is much more proper than I could ever be (and who for the rest of this post shall be referred to as Eve,) stared at me for a second & said: What did you just call me? 

Me: I didn’t call you anything.

Eve: Wait, what did you just say? 

Me: I said, hold on a second, I gotta grab my dbag.

And she still looked at me like I had 3 heads. 
I grabbed my Chinese silk blue bag from my hand bag and said: You know, my dbag, my diabetes bag.

Eve: Ohhhhh, I didn’t hear the “I gotta grab my,” part.

Me: Oh OK, so you thought I said: Hold on a second, dbag. As in Masingill’s disposable Dbag or it's competition, Summer's Eve, Momdoyoueverhaveoneofthosedayswhereyoudon'tfeelsofresh? dbag.

And then Eve started to crack up, like A LOT - because Eve was lot more cheekier than the majority of people give her credit for. 

Me: No.... I didn’t call you that.... not this time, anyway. 

Diabetes humor - Take it where you can find it! 
This Dbag
Not this dbag

Definitely not this dbag


Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

much needed giggle...thanks! :)

Kirsten Nelson said...

While grocery shopping, I caught my daughter before she took off without hers with a louder than intended, "Hey, you need your dbag!" My kid said not to worry, she was high. A lady just across the aisle turned beat red, gave me the stink eye, and said, "How dare you?!!" Not simply b/c I had the audacity to call my beautiful daughter a dbag, but also because I clearly supported her use of marijuana. She stormed off too angry to hear my explanation, but N and laughed the rest of the way through our shopping trip. :)

Anonymous said...

Made my afternoon.....