Monday, March 4, 2013

What Am I Imagining, Elmo? A Diabetes Cure - Thanks For Asking!

Once again I'm writing about low blood sugars - because it seems to be a theme with my body as of late - But the Elmo thing is new... So it the cleaning closets thing!
3 empty juiceboxes sitting on the bed~

Saturday was one of those days where I stayed around the house and let the bronchitis antibiotics do their job. As much as I hated lying low (and missing a friend's birthday party an hour away,) I knew I had to.
So I decided to be productive.....ish.
I began the long over due task of organizing my bedroom closet (thrilling I know,) and pitching crap I no longer needed. I did that most of the day (along with a nap or two) and was feeling proud of myself.
I was tired and when I did settle down on the couch around 8 pm with a turkey sandwich I was hungry to boot.
Things were going great until 9:45 pm, when I got that old familiar feeling in my stomach, you know the one where the pit of your stomach feels like it's dropped a few feet and your forehead starts to feel clammy.

I took my blood sugar and it was 70 - But my internal blood sugar alarm said if felt more like a 60 - maybe even a 58.
And it was weird - because as soon as I saw the number on the screen I started to feel worse. It was like seeing the number on the screen gave my  internal blood sugar elevator the OK to start freefalling and I didn't like it one bit.

I downed a juicebox, an oatmeal cookie and some cheese and crackers and I waited until I finally started to feel normal again.
I sat on the couch watching reruns of "The Nanny" and tried to just chill.
Tiredness crept over me and covered me like a blanket and by 11 pm all I wanted to do was go to sleep and crawled into bed.

I wasn't even going to check my blood sugar...... I knew that wasn't smart, but I was so tired and my meter was in the living room and I was under the sheets that were cool and freshly washed and they felt great against my body, which had just broken into a cold sweet.

And that's when a red flag went up, because a cold sweet for me almost always means a low blood sugar.

So I dragged myself out of bed and retrieved my meter kit from the other room and sat on my bed.... But before I checked, I reached into my night stand cabinet & grabbed 4 Elmo juiceboxes from the 10 pack that I'd put there a few weeks back.

I grabbed the straw off the first one and tore off it's plastic casing, punctured the box and then checked my blood sugar again and the number 60 flashed on the screen and I could feel it dropping fast.
My eyes started to tear up and I wanted to throw my meter against the wall - but I didn't have time for that.
I sucked down the juicebox dry until the box became misshapen and empty.... And then I took the straw from the empty juicebox an punctured the next one ( FYI: I've found that it's much easier/quicker to reuse a juicebox straw during a multiple juicebox low then dealing with plastic wrap that never seems to cooperate when my blood sugar is low) and sucked that one down, too. And then I waited..... And that feeling in the pit of my stomach was still there and I just wanted to go to sleep - But I couldn't.

So I dialed back my loaner pump's temporary basal rate to 30% and set it for 1 hour and 15 minutes.
And then I grabbed juicebox #3, straw #1, put my head on my pillow and curled up into a ball and waited.
And that would be the moment when I noticed the writing on the side of  the Elmo juicebox #3 that said: Elmo loves to use his imagination and play with his goldfish Dorothy. Elmo wants to know, what did you imagine today?
And I immediately replied:  Thanks for asking, Elmo. Right now I'm imagining a cure for diabetes so I wouldn't have to open another one of your juiceboxes to treat this nasty low.
I'm imagining a cure for type 1 diabetes so I wouldn't have to wait for my blood sugar to go back up before I go to sleep and then resign myelf to be OK with the fact that my blood sugar will most likely be high when I get up in the morning.
I've accepted and understand the reasoning behind that fact already, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.
And at this very moment I'm imagining a diabetes cure because my mind is tired of always having to think.
Sorry it's not more creative Elmo & Dorothy, but that's what I'm imagining.

And then I sucked down juicebox # 3  (which now that I think about it is really juicebox #4) and waited until I felt it was safe for me to go to sleep.... And then I did.

And the next morning at 5:50 am with a full bladder and a blood sugar of 312 and did a 4 unit correction bolus and went back to sleep. I woke up again at 9:30 with a 71 blood sugar.
And the only thing I could imagine at that moment was how good my first cup of coffee was going to taste - And then I went off to the kitchen to go make it.


Marie Smith said...

I'm imagining a world where you never have to suck down that many juice boxes at once. I'm imagining a world where the mix of glucose tablets and toothpaste never happens again. I'm imagining a world without diabetes right along with you.

Unknown said...

That reuse the straw thing should be taught by all CDEs. Last night I did exactly the same thing although my first test was 39 - this morning was 200.

Somehow that line really connected with my psyche. Been there, am doing that. Seems like the pointy end of the straw (Motts Apple Juice) always bends when my BG is below 50.