Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Of Belgian Waffles & Chatting With Miss Pink Girl

"How's your stomach doing today?" asked the 5 year old girl dressed in pink and standing in the Buffet line, and who from this moment forward shall be referred to as " Miss Pink Girl."

Me: It's OK. Thanks for asking
Miss Pink Girl: Is it still broken? 

Me: Yep, it's still broken. 

Miss Pink Girl: But that little machine is giving you medicine, right?? 

Me: Yep.

Miss Pink Girl. That's good.

Me: I agree. 

Miss Pink Girl: Kelly, can you please gwab (grab) me another waffle?

Me: I'd love too "gwab you another waffle," Pink Girl.
Miss Pink Girl: Gwab one for you, too - They're so good!
I looked at the Belgian waffles piled high in the bamboree longingly (OK, LUSTFULLY) and decided against them. Because just looking at them made my head spin with the Diabetes Math of it all. 

Me: No, I'll stick with my cheesydelicious veggie omelet, bacon &  berries that I already have on my plate. 
Miss Pink Girl: Too much to figure out with your machine? 

Sidebar: Damn that little Miss Pink Girl was smart! She listened to what I had to say even when I thought she wasn't. 
Back in February, at her big sister's 8th Birthday party, I'd mentioned to Miss Pink Girl that I had to count all the energy (energy in place of carbs because she'd just learned about food turning into energy was what made us grow & be strong in her Pre -K class,)  in my food and put those numbers into my "machine." And Miss Pink Girl remembered our conversation without skipping a beat!

Me: Something like that. Plus, I'd rather save room for the stuff on the dessert table. 
Miss Pink Girl: That's OK, you can have some of my waffle - It's big enough for the bouf (both) of us!
Me Well... Maybe just a bite!  

And little Miss Pink Girl was right, the ginormous Belgian waffle totally was  big enought for the "bouf of us!" And it wonderful...... But not nearly as wonderful as chatting with Miss Pink Girl!


Nicole said...

I think little Miss Pink Girl is amazing :) too cute...she's smart and she shares!

NeurosurgeryNP said...

Love. It.

Scott E said...

Smart girl! (Adorable, too!) I love how she picked up on the details and was able to recall them. Hopefully, though, she'll never have to do that again.

Lora said...

This post just totally made me smile. Love it!