Monday, July 1, 2013

Art Inspires And Teaches - And That's Exactly What You Do As A Person Living With Diabetes~

This post came directly from and was inspired by, a twitter conversation last night with @xXLovelyLizXx@betespora , @lesscheid & CelticAncient - And  Kerri's post from today. 

Here's the thing - don't let anyone make you feel inferior because of your diabetes.
It doesn't fly when people make you feel small, or embarrassed or ashamed because of your busted pancreas and or faulty metabolism. 
It's not acceptable when people blame you for your diabetes and all that comes with it, including complications - And it's not acceptable when we let them.
But lets face it, it's incredibly easy to let others blame us because we blame ourselves all the time - even when we know how hard we try and how far we've come - Diabetes guilt is hard to shake.
You are not broken or second best - far from it. And honestly, I know how easy it is to feel broken and second best - I've been there.  And as long as I'm being all honest, sometimes I'm still there - we all are - That's why we're part of the Diabetes Online Community. 
You are a person with a different definition of normal and more challenges than most... And your strength and determination rivals Atlas. And you my friend are doing what you need to in order to carve a place for yourself in this thing called life..... and life with diabetes.

And life with diabetes isn't a cake walk - Total pun intended. 
Life with diabetes is hard and complicated in all dimensions and It's unrelenting. 

So the next time someone, be it stranger or a well meaning friend, makes you feel bad because of your diabetes and all that comes with it, or shoots you a dirty look when you're about to take your blood sugar or shot at the table - Remember that it's their problem, not yours. 
And for the record, everyone is different when it comes to bolusing or testing at the table - And that's OK. But no one should be ashamed or embarrassed because someone else is making you feel that way - that's their issue - Try your damndest not to make it yours. 

And don't ever deny the world the amazing and individual piece of art that is you.
Art inspires and teaches - and that's exactly who you are and what you do every single day (good days and bad days) as a person living with diabetes~ 

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StephenS said...

I saw this conversation yesterday and was marveled at how it developed. I would've jumped in, but I didn't need to. Everything you're saying is right on point. Thanks