Friday, November 15, 2013


It's Diabetes Awareness month and I'm all about that - But today I also want to acknowledge the coolest super hero on the planet!
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#SFBatkid in action
badass photo courtesy of @realtimwilliams
I know it's National Diabetes Month - But I can't stop thinking about #SFBatkid today!
So I'm asking you to keep up with your Diabetes Advocacy for sure, but please take a moment of your day to checkout the  #SFBatkid ( otherwise known as leukemia fighter Miles Scott) hashtag on the twitter and other social media outlets as he protects Gotham with the love and support of it's fine citizens and the Bay Area Make-A-Wish Foundation. @SFWish
#SFBatkid isn't only protecting the city of San Fran, (I mean Gotham) from the bad guys, but he's bringing together a city and a country and it's pretty damn amazing. 
Talk about an empowered ePatient! 
UPDATE: Rumor has it #SFBatkid & Co just captured The Riddler
UPDATE: Mashable has a great play-by-play - Including video of #sfbatkid saving a damsel in distress! #Myhero!

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