Friday, December 13, 2013

Of Giveaway Winners & My Kitchen Looking Like A CSI Crime Scene

First:  This week's Diabetesalicious giveaway winners:
The winner of the Alecia Wesner Little Branch Necklace in fine silver is HVS, a.k.a., Heidi.
The winner of the Pumpwear Zipps & Jean Jams giveaway is Christina Ghosn.
Ladies, please ping me your addresses so your prizes can be delivered & Congratulations!. 
For all those who entered - Thanks and don't give up, more awesome prizes available until the end of December!
All winners were chosen by for the following reasons:
1. In my book, is a really simple and fair way of choosing a winner
2. NO WAY could I deal with the pressure of picking the winners because quite frankly, I want everyone to win. Plus, it wouldn't be fair for me to pick the winners. 
Photo: Big thanks to Catherine Van Duyne for being such a great friend & driving me to urgent care tonight & hanging out with me. Sliced my finger on a food processor blade while doing dishes & my kitchen looked like a CSI scene. No stitches, but surgical glue, steristrips,  antibiotics & a funky finger apparatus - Also, no typing.
On a personal note, blogging is light these past few days due to an incident that occurred on Wednesday night and resulted in a trip to UrgentCare to have my finger tip surgically glued back together.
Said incident also left my kitchen looking like a scene straight out of CSI - There were splatter patterns EVERYWHERE.
Did I consider testing my blood sugar immediately after it happened? Of course I did - Until I realized just how much blood there was - And then I got more than a little freaked out. 
Note to Self: NEVER leave the food processor rotating blade thingy in a sink full of sudsy water - no good will come of it.
I'm not supposed to type or put any added stress on the finger for a week (easier said than done,) and I'm on some nasty strong antibiotics to ward off bacterial infections that have my stomach doing triple flips. 
I go back for a follow up today after work & I'm figuratively keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well.

It's been a little lesson in patience which isn't a bad thing, just challenging. 
I can't cut the food on my plate and washing my hair is a herculean accomplishment - And don't even get me started on typing with one hand.
But on a positive note, it could have been much worse, I can still drive & guess who's being forced to get her hair blown out at the salon tomorrow? A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!
Back to blogging in earnest on Monday! 

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Misty said...

Congrats to the winners. And heal that finger quickly!!