Tuesday, March 11, 2014

#Sweatabetes @ Lunch & Turning This Muesday Into A Productive Tuesday ~

Today started off as one of those days that made me long for a winning lottery ticket and a long vacation. 
Sometimes you got go all nike like and just do it!
I woke up late - Too late to get my fasting labs done for next tuesday’s Endo appointment - but just in time to shower and get to work. 
I felt like I hadn’t slept in a week and I could literally feel the 2  thoracic ribs in my back that have been popping out when ever they felt like it these past two weeks, stabbing into my upper back. 
My morning projects kept running into invisible walls that sprang up out of nowhere and by lunch I was ready to loose it - not my lunch mind you, my temper.
But I didn’t. 
Instead, I took my blood sugar (125) lowered my insulin pump’s temp basal rate to 46%, downed a Greek yogurt in like 6 spoonfuls and without bolusing. 
Then I grabbed  a bottle of water and a tube of glucose tabs, switched out my shoes for sneakers, tweeted the following tweet to my twitter workout buddies - A group of friends on the twitter and led by the fantabulous @SurfaceFine  who encourage one another to keep working out - And between you and me, I needed to step up in the working out department. 

I set the alarm on my phone for 45 minutes and walked out the door and didn’t stop moving. 
I needed to shake off the case of The Mondays on a Tuesday, otherwise known as Muesday and get my #sweatabetes on before I tackled the afternoon.  And since I committed my intentions to my twitter #sweatabetes buddies - I had to follow through. 
I could take my lunch  & enjoy the sunshine and rare warm weather and focus on the moving and the feeling of the sun on my face - Or I could stress out at my desk. The choice was a no brainer. 
I went for moving and walking in the sun with gusto and I know it’s going to sound all flowery, but I don’t care - I  felt like a sunflower who was following the sun with and I felt great. 
I didn’t focus on the distance I walked or the calories I burned - I didn’t listen to music and I didn’t think about fasting labs or deadlines or anything for that matter.  

I just walked and enjoyed being outside in the warm weather and sunshine. 

Now I’m back to work with #bgnow of 145 (not bad for not bolusing for lunch and walking) and I’m ready to plow through the afternoon. And I thought I'd share because if anyone one could understood getting out there and moving and doing and being and maintaining a good blood sugar while rocking the #sweatabetes - I figured you would! 

Also: Embrace your inner sunflower and get out there! 


StephenS said...

Love this! By the way: MegaMillions jackpot is over 300 million tonight. Just sayin'.

BBird said...

Twitter workout buddies? That's brilliant! I need me a group like this.