Thursday, April 10, 2014

Today's Official Hashtag: #dayofdiabetes

Today and long with so many others in the Diabetes Online Community, I'm participating in the second annual #dayofdiabetes & will attempt to storify the outcome later.  
Everyday in our lives involves diabetes - We never get a day off because diabetes never gives a break. But today is different, because not only is there an official hashtag, but it's pretty cool to see how all of our stories unfold re: diabetes through the various forms of Social Media through that one hashtag. 
For me, getting a visual re: how much time that we as individuals and as a community devote to our diabetes care and how we incorporate D into our daily lives - Sometimes seamlessly, sometimes not at all, is always incredibly impressive because WE DO IT EVERY SINGLE DAY, 25X7 & WITHOUT FAIL. #WEROCK
And I love to see how we encourage one another in our D lives and D care through the various forms of Social Media. 
I'll be chronicling my #dayofdiabetes on twitter, Facebook(personal and blog pages) & maybe even Instagram.
You can learn more about the #dayofdiabetes, by clicking HERE & you can follow along on twitter via #dayofdiabetes.
I encourage you to participate, communicate, and or follow along because today, like  everyday, we are in this together! 

My day with diabetes started early~

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StephenS said...

I don't have a smartphone, so doing this is kinda tough for me. But I'll be following along later, and I really get inspired by watching what everyone's D has been up to (or down to)! Thanks