Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Diabetes At The Car Dealership~

I sat there and tested my blood sugar twice - 90 and 74, but I knew I was lower. 
Much lower. Like “shaky hands” type of low.  

I’d already downed my last 5 glucose tabs and quickly unwrapped the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups I'd just purchased from a vending machine. I popped the first and then the second peanut butter cup  in my mouth in quick succession, sat back in my seat and reminded myself that:
1. I had also purchased a snack pack of NutterButter's from said vending machine - Just in case 
2.  I should relax and breathe breathing deep. 
I always feel vulnerable when I get a low blood sugar, especially alone, be it in public or private. 

Are you having that shaky feeling?” Said the woman sitting across from me.
Me: Yes, I am. 
Lady: I hate that feeling.
Me: Me, too. 
Lady: I’m type 2 and on Victoza - T2 runs in my family. 
Me: I’m t1 and that runs in my family. I’m on an insulin pump.
Lady: My dad ended up on insulin, my sister has t2 as well. You’re on an insulin pump.
OK,  so does that mean you were diagnosed when you were little? 
I hate diabetes. I hate that everybody judges me for having T2. All the magazines and news people say”Just cut back on sugary foods and drop the weight and you’ll be fine. I’m not overweight and I don’t eat much sugar. 
Me: My sisters have t1, too - So did my dad. And yes, I was 8 when I was diagnosed.  
It drives me crazy when the media blames the people with diabetes for their diabetes. 
It drives me crazy when anyone does. Correct them, tell them it’s not your fault, you didn’t do anything wrong. Obviously, there’s huge genetics coming into play.

Lady: I know, but as soon as people find out I have t2, everyone thinks it’s my fault. 

And in that very second I wanted to get up hug her, but I was still feeling a bit wobbly
Unfortunately, I’d been at the car dealership for 2.5  hours (more on that in another post,) and my insurance company was taking forever to fax the 'proof of insurance coverage’ paperwork back to the dealership. 
I was trying to stay calm, but I was mad at myself for switching handbags and not bringing enough to eat.  Total rookie move on my part - As was forgetting my E-Z Pass for the ride home. 

But back to the lady with t2. She started talking about her Honda and I smiled politely as I waited for the low feeling to go away. 

I felt better and was just about to jump in the conversation full swing when my Sales Rep found me and told me that my paperwork had come through. 
I thanked him, got up and went over to the lady and said: Good luck with your car. 
Lady: You, too - Enjoy your new wheels!
Me: Here’s my card, email me if you want. There’s a lot of people online with diabetes - And we help one another - It’s called the Diabetes Online Community and I can send you some great blog/community links. You’re not the only one  - There’s a whole bunch of us out there. And keep up the good work - You’re doing a great job!
Lady: Thanks, I will. I’m really glad we started talking. 
Me: Yep, me too. 

And then it was time to drive my new -to-me car home the 20 miles home. 
I tested my blood sugar before I put the key in the ignition and was 146. 

I felt good and slightly nervous, but I felt good. 
A new car and a new chapter in my life. 

And a Diabetes In the Wild encounter when I was feeling at my most vulnerable & alone. 

Yep, it was good day, indeed!


Anonymous said...

Awesome post. I just had the same conversation with my kids regarding genetics and how it plays a role in getting diabetes. I am type 2, lost a lot of weight, but still on a high dose of of metformin and I am also on insulin and will be for the rest of my life. My kids were taught in school that type 2 is caused by eating a lot of sugary foods...Well needless to say I had to have a serious talk with them as to why I got diabetes in the first place. We have type 1 and type 2 in my family history and frankly I wish the education system would catch up to reality that anyone with diabetes didn't ask for it whether their type 1 or 2....thanks for the post!

StephenS said...

Fantastic story. This really perked me up today. Thanks.

Sara said...

Now I feel cheated by my car buying experience, twin! I didn't get to talk to anyone about diabetes! :P