Monday, October 20, 2014

Diabetes Advocacy Agenda For The Week: #DocasksFDA, #Vote4DM, #BigBueTest #WeAreInThisTogether, #WalkwithD

Last call to let the FDA hear your voice for #DOCasksFDA meeting on November 3rd
Personally, I'm all about letting the FDA hear my voice, my diabetes concerns and dreams,  so I took the following short survey created by the amazing folks at diatribe.
If you want your voice to be heard, TAKE THE SURVEY NOW. 
And if you'd like, you can also create a video expressing your #DOCasksFDA hopes and dreams.

FTR: Google+ gave me a new youtube page & won't let me 

merge my old page with the new. SIGH.
Next up on the Advocacy agenda for this week: 
There are two  Tweet-ins scheduled on October 22 and 229th, both beginning at
The Tweet-ins are all about the #Vote4DM campaign, targeting the folks on Congress (who work for us) that there are three diabetes bills that require their "YES" vote. 
To quote Bennet over at YDMV:  
  • Go here
  • Find your elected officials.
  • Click the 3 links. Coordinate, Educate and CGM for your Senators and Representative. (Bonus points for Tweeting Congressional leadership too.These Bills are so important to people with diabetes and regardless of the age of type.
  • #Weareinthistogether 
Today's the kickoff for #BigBlueTest. 
Each #BigBlueTest that you log between today and November 19th generates a $1 donation from the program sponsors (up to $35,000) and granted to nonprofit organizations  providing life-saving supplies/services to people with diabetes in need. 

By testing your blood sugar, exercising for 14 to 20 minutes and logging your results on Instagram, twitter of Facebook via the #bligbluetest hashtag, you not only help yourself, you helping others - And that's what it's all about!


Laddie said...

Love the video and thanks for all of the updates:-)

Dee Dee Diabetic said...

THANK YOU for sharing this IMPORTANT diabetic issues! I have filled it out, had family and friends fill it out, and SHARE on my fbook page and with 1,000's of my fbook buddies...THANK YOU AGAIN :)

k2 said...

Laddie -
Thank you for your advocacy, inspiration & the compliment!!

DeeDee Diabetic -
Thank you for your advocacy, for sharing & for your exuberance! We are so lucky to have you on our team!!

Matthew said...

Hey Kelly-

You can DL all your YouTube videos and upload them to your new channel / account (or have someone on Fiverr do it cheap). The upload date will change of course, but you'll have them gathered ;)

Hey I emailed you - email me back!!

With blessings,