Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Diabetesalicious Lite: Stuff

My latest Post is up over at Suite D and it's all about living on your own with diabetes. Some people with diabetes ( or parents who have college age/now grownup children with diabetes) are fearful of their chicks flying the nest. 
I get that, but millions of PWDs, including myself live on their own and are doing well. 
I wrote about what’s worked for me when it comes to living on my own with d and I hope you’ll check it out!  
The #bigbluetest: There’s only ONE day left to do the #Bigbluetest, (the lest day is November 19th,) so PLEASE take the BIG BLUE TEST as many times as you can! 
Speaking of the #BigBlueTest, BrainPickings has a really beautiful essay about David Thoreau and the spiritual side of walking. READ IT.  
Bolus Worthy Treats made by a Baker who actually boluses:  A while back I discovered Keep It Real Foods, Inc., on twitter. Correction, I discovered keepitrealfoods.com 's creator, Katie Coleman (@KatieColemanT1D) on Twitter. 

Katie makes beyond amazing/bolus worthy treats and she gets the whole carb thing because she has a busted pancreas. Katie sent me the gluten free  Cocoa Nibs and Peanut Butter Cookies and they made my knees buckle, they were so good! 
2 Cocoa Nibs cookies have 12 grams of carbs and two grams of fiber while 2 peanut butter cookies have 14 grams of carbs and two grams of fiber. Also: the seed and nut bars are REALLY GOOD.  Follow Katie on Twitter & checkout her site!  
Options & Being Heard.  Received a press release from YourCareMoments.com, a website that’s reaching out to provide patients with chronic illnesses the opportunity to register anonymously ( as in you DO NOT need to provide your name, address, social security numbers, etc.,) for paid online surveys re: the chronic illness experience at the doctors office, pharmacy, etc.
Surveys aren't mandatory, but you do have to register to take surveys in order to receive payments, which range between $3 & $15, and are deposited through paypal. Not a huge amount, but that could change. The surveys are short (one to three minutes in length,) and they add up. 
Something different: Yourcaremoments provides you with a contact name: Keith Olsen/contact emailcontact@yourcaremoments.com in case you have questions. 
Who actually buys/uses the data? Exactly who you think. Companies whose clients/end users are patients. Healthcare companies and pharma. 

Finally, there’s a GREAT article on Today.com called, “ 15 Ways To Take Care of Yourself While Caring For A Loved One,” and I highly suggest that anyone who has an aging parent, a spouse or a child with a chronic illness not only read, it take the advice given in the post. 

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