Monday, February 16, 2015

Winter Weather + Diabetes =

Winter Weather + Diabetes = All sorts of crap!

After a weekend of snow and ice, 50 mile an hour winds and bone chilling temps, tomorrow my neck of the woods is expecting 4 to 8 inches of snow. 
And it totally could be worse. I could live in New England - Christ on bike, I have no idea how those guys are dealing with all the snow!
Sidebar: I recently discovered the term “Christ on a bike.” I’ve heard it like 3 times in the past two days and I really like it. 
Also: Today marks the first time I’ve actually used it in a sentence!

So yep, winter weather + diabetes = all sorts of stuff, but I’m lucky on many levels - And I have to keep reminding myself of that fact. 
I was LUCKY I was able to switch tomorrow's endo appointment for Thursday, with no harm or foul. Normally, my Endo wouldn’t have a spot available in the same week' let alone the same month as the appointment cancellation, but bad weather makes little miracles like changing the date and time of my appointment possible. 

Later this afternoon I’ll head off to the pharmacy to pick up my monthly Rx's before the snow starts falling yet again instead of later on in the week. The last thing I feel like doing after work is heading the to the pharmacy - but I’m grateful that my CVS pharmacy is opened, fully stocked and I’m within my all RX refills time frame.
I have enough pump supplies, insulin, test strips and pump batteries at my house.    
As far as food: I'm stocked up on almond milk, bread, eggs, veggies, fruit, coffee, red wine and cheese. I just need to pick up extra juice boxes. 
FTR: because of copious amounts of snow shoveling, I tend to go through a lot more glucose tabs and juice boxes this time of year. 

Winter weather and diabetes management requires both flexibility, diligence & going with the flow - even when the flow is annoying, 5 degrees below and flipping freezing! 

So, what does challenging ( i.e., bullshit) winter weather + Diabetes = to you?  

And if you live in a sunny climate - Good for you, but I’d still love to hear what crazy weather + your diabetes =  


Mike Hoskins said...

Same here, as to glucose tabs and juiceboxes this time of year. At least, usually. We haven't had much this season in Indy, so haven't had really any shoveling to do. Hopefully that lasts.. maybe that would balance out for the extraordinarily high amount of both I went through in 2014.

StephenS said...

For me, winter weather + diabetes = Too much exercise when I'm outside (like this morning), and not enough when I'm inside. I'm working on that.