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#tbt: So.....I Kinda Misplaced My Insulin Pump This Morning ~

#tbt, I originally wrote the following post 7 years ago, on October 8th, 2008.

I can't believe it's been that long because I remember writing the post and I swear to God, it feels like it was yesterday - with that being said, I think many of you out in Dblogville will relate to the subject matter- because if you wear an insulin pump - there's a good chance you've misplaced it at least once! 
Ditto for CGMs & meters! 

SO....I Kinda Missplaced My Pump This Morning

Am I the only one in dBlogville who, in the rush to get on with the day has inadvertently misplaced their insulin pump???

Look, we wear the pump almost 24X7, sans the shower or a romp in the hay – and even then we have the option to keep on. Since we always wear our pump, it becomes an actual part of us.

But there have been moments in my early pump life life, like the time I had a 7:30 a.m teeth-cleaning appt - where I actually forgot to put my pump back on after my shower. Then there was the time I left the Chiropractors office in New Jersey and left my pump behind in the adjustment room.
I had to turn around in rush hour and drive back...from Philadelphia. I was frantic to get there before they closed & I had to literally beg them to stay open. Both instances happened early on, when I was very new to the pump. Since then, I have really become quite OCD (almost to the point of annoyance) as to where my pump is on and off my person, at all times – NORMALLY.

But you know once we throw the word normal into the mix, our world becomes even more abnormal!

This morning in the mad dash to start my day, I took off my pump; jumped the shower – cleaned all my parts, jumped out, got dressed, combed my hair out and dabbed on some styling product and blow-dried my hair. Before I put my” face on,” (hey, I never once claimed to be a natural beauty – I welcome any and all help in that department) I went to the bureau (where I always place my pump pre-shower to avoid the craziness of misplacing it) to grab my trusty pump – and it wasn’t there.  WTF?

“Where the hell did I put it? IS it on my bed or on my nightstand? No. Could it be under the bed, under the covers, under the pillows? No, No,NO. By the coffee Maker? Unfortunately, no – but I did take a moment to refresh my cup. I looked everywhere and then looked in these places again, and time was ticking by. Work would literally be calling in 46 minutes because I had a phone conference at 9 am. Plus, it had almost been an hour since I disconnected.

I tried to listen for the pump alarm, but damn if that thing only went off every 15 minutes. Had I missed it? Would I have to wait another 15 minutes? I just didn’t have time for to figure out the whole pump alarm math of it all.

I started to get really upset.  WTF? THIS IS JUST THE WRONG TIME FOR THIS TO HAPPEN. “Think Kelly, THINK!” So…I did. I calmed myself down and retraced my steps since the alarm (as in clock, not pump) went off this morning. OK, lets see - I got up and made coffee, took my blood sugar and bloused. Drank coffee, drank more coffee, and had some Greek yogurt with honey, cinnamon, and ¼ cup of frozen wild blueberries - which in case your wondering, is a really tasty breakfast & you should totally try it – but I digress. Then I went in the bedroom; stripped down, tossed my pj’s on the chair, grabbed my towels & went to the shower.  Wait a second, let’s back track to the tossing of the Pj’s on the chair part.

I sprinted back to the bedroom, to the corner where my chair was. I removed (OK, more threw them on the floor) the towels that I had also tossed on top of the chair after my shower, found my PJ’s, and clipped to said PJ bottoms, was my super trusty pump.

I reconnected immediately and was relieved to say the least. But I was also really mad at myself for the pump misplacement. How could I have been so stupid? I mean, I knew better. But then I started to really laugh, because you know – it was pretty funny after the fact!  I mean, THANK GOD my head is attached - or I'd be in big trouble!

Shit happens, and so does diabetes. I found what I was looking for and life went on.
Life always goes on, curve balls and all. We need to go with the flow and appreciate the lessons learned and victories matter how great or small.

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