Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 Ended With A Break & 2016 Started Out With A Bang!

Back from break refreshed and with a lumpy head - it's all good~
So my blogging end of year break is over and I’m excited to get back into the swing of things. Personally, I needed to take some time to regroup - I’ve felt burned out creatively for quite some time and the holidays exacerbated those feelings.
Look, the holidays are harder for some people, and I'm one of those people, so taking a break fit perfectly in the scheme of things. 

I took time to finish up on several freelance projects, spent some much needed time with my family and friends who are family, and now I’m happy & ready to embrace everything 2016 throws my way!
As far as resolutions, I’m focusing on what needs to be done, and being the procrastinator that I am, face the things I fear first in my life  - and my life with diabetes.

2016 started off with a bang - literally and figuratively. After a really nasty smack on the head and fall last night, I went to the emergency room. 
The CAT scan revealed swelling of the soft tissue and an egg size lump on the right side of my head. But lumps and all, it’s all gravy - no concussion or internal bleeding. 
I will have a sore, lumpy head for a few days  - but I’m OK with that - that’s what coffee and icepacks are for.

FTR: If you take any medications that cause your blood to get skinny, get checked out, especially if you bang your head to the point you see stars and start to cry
Same goes for any and all pupil weirdness after a head injury. 
And yes, it’s a pain in both the ass and head to go to the emergency room, but get checked out - you're worth it. 

I’m looking forward to forging ahead together and making 2016 a great one - Lets get this party started! 
And FYI: Any and all protective headgear worn is your choice and is not mandatory~ 


Susan said...

Girl!!! Take careof that noggin!! Happy New year!!! Xoxoxoxo

Colleen said...

Oh, dear.
Take care of yourself!

StephenS said...

Glad you're back to yourself, even with a lumpy head. Hope the healing is quick!