Friday, January 15, 2016

A Week Filled With Tears

This week has and had me crying for others  - people I loved and never met, people I loved and knew and or know. 
This week had/has me screaming "fuck cancer," from the top of my lungs and in quiet whispers
For me, this week wasn't about diabetes
So much loss and heartache this week because of cancer. 
Famous names that we grew up with, who inspired and entertained us in the process.  
And people we love from our very own Diabetes Online Community.  A funny, beautiful, smart, brave little girl named Kate , whose mom is a DOC friend and fellow t1.
Over the years and because of the DOC, I’ve had the pleasure to watch Kate grow, become, and then bravely battle cancer. And like many, I was thrilled when I thought she was out of the woods - and heartbroken when I suddenly found out she wasn't.
Writing blog posts took a back seat this week, because every time I sat down to write - no words would come.
This week had me continually in tears and reminded me that cancer doesn’t care about your age, income, or remission status. 
This week brought back the hurt of cancer taking my uncle 6 months ago and reminded me of friends who are currently battling cancer, friends who have loved ones currently in the trenches or who lost loved ones in battles past.
This week reinforced the fact that cancer doesn’t care if you’re a rock star; actor, a familiar voice, a friendly face from the past, a husband, or a little four and a half year old girl who loved dinosaurs   

This morning I did something that made me feel like I was somehow helping.
I went to, a site designated by Kate's family, and made a donation - it wasn’t large because I’m on a budget - but it made me feel like I was doing something to help. 
If you can donate, great. If you can't, I understand and that's OK. 
But please take a moment and stop by Prayers For Kate's Facebook page  and send your love,prayers and support to Kate's family - they need it. And do the same for other families in your circles who are currently dealing with cancer, or who know the loss that cancer brings first hand - because we are in this together.

***Late last night I was informed of another little boy with connections to the DOC who passed away from cancer and I will update this post when I have more info.

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