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Novo Nordisk, AskScreenKnow®, Rev Run, T2 Diabetes & The "Am I At Risk?" Campaign

Diabetes, "it's tricky," no matter the type.

Today I'm writing about t2 risk assessment because as a person with t1, I have friends and family members with type 2 - and I have many friends and family members who might be t2 - and I know I'm not the only one.
This one is for them - because knowledge is power and we are in this together~
Novo Nordisk has a site call AskScreenKnow.com, (part of their Cornerstones4Care program,) that urges Americans to learn their risks when it comes to Type 2 Diabetes and gives them the tools to do so.
The site is all about encouraging people to know their diabetes risk factors and allows them to via a free diabetes risk assessment
Novo has teamed up with Rev Run (yep, that Rev Run,) and his very cool wife Justine, who both have loved ones diagnosed with type 2 - and have their own D risk factors.
Along with the easy and quick t2 diabetes risk assessment, the site is  filled with videos from Run and his wife Justine, including videos re: healthy recipes, exercise,etc. It's good stuff.  

Yesterday I was able to talk with Rev Run and Certified Diabetes Educator and Health Consultant, Jeannette Jordan about AskScreenKnow® and Novo’s “Am I At Risk?” Campaign, currently touring the country and whose temporary housing in my own back yard - Philadelphia’s famous 30th Street Station, now through August 21st. 

Here’s our convo. 

Kelly: Tell us about AskScreenKnow® and Novo's “Am I At Risk?” Campaign.
RevRun: AskScreenKnow.com is actually website and people need to go there - first and for-most and get there risk factor assessment for type 2 diabetes. 
I’ve been working with NN for a few years now. ago. 
I found out that my father had Diabetes years ago and that his diagnoses made me at risk. My manager, Mike Leman was talking to some people at Novo, telling about his father (who was also diagnosed with t2,) and my father and we thought it was a perfect match because I do “Words of Wisdom.”  I speak to people about all types of wisdom and I thought, it must be time to talk to people about health. 
So I took my screening and found out that I didn’t have diabetes, but I had so many risk factors, that I wanted to push this so everyone would know that they could be at risk.
“Am I at Risk?" is an interactive display at 30th Street station - there’s an iPad right there on the display where you can take your risk assessment.
Novo's "Am I At Risk?"  Campaign at 30th St. Station in Philadelphia
If you can’t get down to 30th St Station in Philly, you can go on your computer and take the assessment right there on AskScreenKnow.com
It’s really about knowing and recognizing your risk factors. 
Me: That’s so important because I think a lot of people are afraid to know their risk factors when it comes to their health - whether it’s diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. 
RevRun: Yeah, they’re afraid, but I tell people to do it afraid. 
That’s one of my favorite quotes because afraid might not go away, so you need to walk yourself to the Dr. and figure it out. 

Kelly: YES! I love the pledge on the site after the assessment. I think it’s a great thing that people pledge to make an appointment with their Doctor within 3 to six months of taking the assessment, because it’s always going to be in the back of their heads. 

RevRun: It’s always is in the back of their mind, and it’s always in the back of my mind. every single time I’m taking care of myself, walking, eating healthy. 
I’m always wondering, is this the correct portion, etc. 

Kelly: I know that small changes really equal big ones - can you let us know what small changes you and your family are doing to stay the course? 
RevRun: I go walking quite a bit. I find walking to be very effective - 
Kelly: ME TOO.
Rev Run: I don’t walk very fast or very slow - I keep myself in the middle and I know I have to keep myself very active- that’s always on my mind. It’s always on my mind and I walk daily. 
I watch what I’m eating and I make sure I don’t cheat - I watch myself - I make sure I don’t cheat . Sometimes I find myself a little bit off the beaten path
Kelly: You need to treat every now and then - I don’t like to use the word cheat but I do like to use the word treat. When you tell someone that they can’t do this, this and this, and that they have to do this, this and that, it’s a lot. 
I think a treat every now and then makes it easier to to the right thing most of the time. 

Lots of laughter from Rev Run and CDE and AskScreenKnow®  Health Consultant, Jeannette Jordan

Jeannette Jordan: You’re exactly right! To take everything away from people that they love and enjoy, it becomes very difficult - and they’ll do it for a little while, but then they’ll stop. 
But small life style changes can yield big results and as Rev said, walking is one thing, and as a Certified Diabetes Educator, we also encourage people to look at what they’re drinking  - a lot of people drink sweetened drinks like sodas, juices, sweet tea. 
 And I’ve found if people make the switch to calorie free/sugar free beverages, they reduce their carb intake drastically, because we drink all day. 
Also, just cutting down their portion sizes goes a long way. 
According to the ADA, 1 in 3 Americans are at risk for Type 2 Diabetes.

RevRun: We also have recipes on AskScreenKnow.com and they are very healthy and Very tasty 
Kelly: Yes I know, and as soon as this heatwave is over, Im trying that  backed chicken recipe! 
Rev Run: That’s a good one!
Me: Actually, I want to try them all. 

Kelly: Jeannette - On a personal note, I want to thank you for what you and other Certified Diabetes Educators do  - you guys show us the way!
Jeannette: Thank you! 

So then I explained to Rev Run what/who t3’s are and asked him what advice he has for t1,t2, and t3s: 
Kelly: What advice do you have for t1, t2,t3s 

RevRun:  There are so many faces that make-up t3s, and that’s what were talking about the diversity - everyone needs to know their risk factors when it comes to t2 - if you you’re at risk and don’t know - get assessed. 

Kelly: What advice do you for anyone living with diabetes, no matter the type? 
RevRun: Everything in moderation, portions control, walk, keep a balanced life and see your Dr. regularly. 
Rev and Jeannette, thanks for talking with me(and by me, of course I mean us,) Novo Nordisk's AskScreenKnow®,  the "Am I At Risk Campaign and thank you for being Diabetes Advocates! 
If you have a friend or a love one who you think would benefit from a type 2 diabetes assessment (btw, it takes less than 10 seconds,) send them to AskScreenKnow.com
Go a step further and sit next to them while they take the assessment 
We are in this together and there is strength in numbers! 
AskScreenKnow.com is the website. 
 The interactive “Am I At Risk” Campaign will be at 30th Street Station until August, 21, then heads to Minneapolis to The Mall of America from Aug 26-28! 

RevRun can be found on twitter @RevRunWisdom, so if have a question for him - send him a tweet using the hashtag #RevOnASK
RevRun can also be found on  Instagram @revwon

*Jeannette F. Jordan is a national expert, author, and public speaker on nutrition, diabetes prevention, and healthy living. She’s a registered dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, and former spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association@

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