Friday, February 17, 2017

Diabetes, Pointing Fingers And Switching Hands~

 I check my blood sugar a lot  - a hell of a lot. 
And for some reason even though I’m left handed, I prefer to use my left pointer finger when I check - which doesn’t make sense, and I'm totally aware of that. 
Today I looked down at my keyboard and took a good look at my dominant hand against the silver and black of my laptop. 
My left pointer finger looks like a dirty, Jackson Pollack wannabes
attempt at body art gone wrong.
My little hand (did I mention I have freakishly small hands?) was riddled with so many lancet marks and covered with calluses, that the tips of my fingers actually looked dirty, even though they were scrubbed clean. 
And my left pointer finger looked like a dirty, Jackson Pollack wannabes attempt at body art gone wrong. 

And right at that moment I knew that I had to stop checking my blood sugar on left pointer and middle fingers. 
And so that's what I'm going to do.

It's funny (and little weird for those sans D,) that people with diabetes develop certain habits when it comes to our diabetes. 
Things like developing favorite sides for infusion sites and preferring certain fingers or hands when we check our glucose. 
Part habit, part comfort, part, superstition? 
Who the hell knows?  

Having to change things can be strange, no matter whether it's changing insulin pumps, switching insulin brands, or using different fingers to test our glucose.
But eventually, we do because we have to. 

And so I am~  

Sidebar: Does anyone know a good left handed guitar teacher because I've already got the calluses down pat! 


Richard's Rambling Review said...

Sometimes I give my fingertips a rest, and use the middle sections between the finger joints. I also use my thumbs. Some people use their wrist areas. I have not tried that. I am getting good, accurate results with my Dexcom CGM, so I don't do as many finger sticks now.

Rick Phillips said...

LOL My doctor tells me I test too much. she calls it testing addiction. I remind her I went over 25 years without testing, so I am due to catch up. These last 15 years I have been trying to catch up. I am making some gains.