Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sometimes My Body Screams Like A Wild Howler Monkey For Carbs

I listened to my body, and at that moment my body was screaming like a wild Howler monkey for carbs!

The other night I wanted to make a low carb Italian chicken dinner (consisting of grilled chicken, red sauce an mozzarella, sitting on top a big, fat, delicious salad. 
I wasn't necessarily trying to eat low carb, I was just craving chicken, cheesy, red sauce and big salad goodness! 

But I didn’t give into my cravings because my body had other ideas. 
My blood sugar had been running on the lower side of normal for most of the day.
Not super low, but low enough to require  lower temporary basal rate, blood sugars in the 90s and grazing throughout the day. And when it came time to make my dinner, my blood sugar was 74. 
Clearly this chick needed some carbs as substanence  - and the thought of dealing with more lows after dinner wasn’t appealing.
Grilled Swiss cheese on a big slice of Jewish rye and with a side of broccoli it was - and I was OK with that. 

Sidebar: Who the hell isn't Ok with grilled cheese? 
Grilled cheese was a quick and delicious solution. I was hungry and bordering on hangry, and the grilled Italian chicken breast salad would have to wait for a more solid blood sugar day.

Diabetes requires us to go with the flow, be diligent and continually make split second decisions. 
Some are easy, some not - but we do it, because we have to.
Yes indeed, I I enjoyed my grilled cheese sammi and broccoli.
I didn’t spike, and my blood sugar was 160 before bed. 
I corrected even though my gut and the days blood sugars were telling me not to, and I ended up sucking down a juice box at 4am. 
The next few days were juice box free and I finally made me delicious low carb grilled Italian chicken salad. 

Yep, going with the flow... embracing my inner howler monkey calling for carbs... not to mention the juice box on my nightstand~  

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Rick Phillips said...

Or Grilled Peanut Butter sandwich. I love grilled sandwiches. I hope you enjoyed your Sammie.