Friday, December 15, 2017


Today, I'm not uttering the D word. NOPE.  See Kerri's post for details.

Instead - I'm going to post some photos from my own collection.
Back story. I love to take photos - and I always have. 

When I was little I would steal my sister's camera and take pictures. 
Actually, my sister Debbie was the first person who let me use her camera to take a picture - I was 4, it was shaky and a bit our of focus- and  I still have it... somewhere in a box filled with family photos. 
I became an auntie when I was 6 years old - and since then, I've taken hundreds (maybe thousands,) of photos of all my nieces and nephews.
In 4th grade - I wanted and received an Instamatic camera, for Christmas.
When my sister Debbie passed, my parents gave me her 35 millimeter Camera because they knew I'd use it - and I did - until the shutter met with an unfortunate incident with a can of spilled Diet Coke.
There was a time I loved having my picture taken - and I was quite the ham. 
Now...  at least for the most part, I like being behind the lens instead of always front and center. 

I love taking pictures.
Photography helps me see the little details - and the big ones. 
I love taking pictures of my friends and their children (not posting them, because privacy ,) and they seem to like the results. 

Photography makes me happy. 

Every picture shows me a secret and teaches me a lesson.
Photography relaxes me and feeds me creatively and spiritually.
I need a better camera and I'm hoping to get one this year. 
Hope you dig~
Sea foam, POV
Photographer as subject 
Atlantic City, back bay view from a helicopter 
2017 Women's March, in the City of Brotherly Love,
in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art
MOMA - Louise Bourgeious  - I will never think of spiders the
same way again~

Rainbow carrots & co 
My friend Misty

Standing in my rain boots - in the sand and baptized by the sea

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Rick Phillips said...

I love the Atlantic City photo. It is my favorite of the group!!