Wednesday, October 31, 2018


41 years ago today I was diagnosed with t1 diabetes. I remember certain things about my diagnoses and my admission memories - like social workers questioning me about a scar on my butt, a nurse dressed as a clown telling me I did indeed have diabetes, and being sad about missing Halloween. 
I’ve written about what I remember about my DX , my very first friend I met at the hospital with diabetes named Joe, my life pre and post DX. 
Every year since Diabetesaliciousness began, I’ve written a list of things that I love and am grateful for on my Diaversary - because it's a good reminder for me that I’m still here, I’m still alive, and there’s so much in life to love and be thankful for. 
Here's my list for 2018.
1. I still love Halloween and I still love to dress up - It’s MAGIC
2. Little kids. Little make me smile and the majority of today’s teenagers give me hope for the future.
3. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups - I love them - I always will.
4. Dancing  - I love to dance. I haven't danced as much as of late - I need to rectify that, ASAP.
5. Really good sex.
6. The beach in the winter when all the crowds are gone.
7. Swimming in the ocean - I feel free and at home and I love it.
8. The color yellow - it makes me feel all bright and shiny.
9. Cupcakes - they  are the perfect size treats and depending on the circumference and icing thickness - I can usually guess the carb count no problem! IT’S A GIFT.
10. Traveling - I love traveling - it exposes me to different places and people and it shows me just how similar people are while appreciating the different cultures.  Diabetes hasn’t diminished my love or my ability to travel. 
11. D Meet-ups. If I didn’t have diabetes I would have a lot less friends - and meeting up with diabetes peeps in real life is pretty damn special! 
12. Old movies. I'll focus on one, this time around. The Ghost And Mrs. Muir - I love this movie - it makes me cry every time I watch it. 
13. Making soup. OK, I make like at least 18 different types of soups from scratch - It's kinda my thing - and I try to add a new soup every year.  Some people are bakers. I am a "souper." 
14. Making soup for friends - it makes me feel like I’m helping and taking care of the people I love. 
15. Dogs. I love dogs. I don’t get people who don’t like dogs. I was bit by 2 different dogs growing up and I still love dogs. 
16. Twinkle lights.
17. Purple. Who doesn’t love purple? Purple is magnificent. Also: I look magnificent in purple! 
18. Prosecco - GOD I LOVE Presecco!
19. Wild ass guessing on a bolus for a food I have no idea the carb count on and having a BINGO bg a few hours later. 
20. Movie previews. I love them - have to be there for them - so don’t make me late!
21. Movies. I love going to the movies - but I have a really tough time watching a scary, gory movie. I love comedies, love stories, thrillers, "children's movies and historical dramas. 
But I can’t deal with gore. 
22. Oatmeal cookies. They are the most under appreciated cookies on the planet. Go eat one now and you'll see I'm right!
23. Cookies in general - except I’m not a huge fan of the ones with really sticky jelly in them. 
24. A really good cheeseburger - with cheddar, jalapenos, and raw onions.
25. Speaking of jalapenos  - I LOVE SPICY FOOD.
26. Live theater - it’s pretty damn special - we need to support theater, local, regional and broadway! 
27. Outdoor showers. It’s a beach thing. It’s amazing to take a warm shower outside and under the stars - I highly suggest it.
28. The perfect shade of lipstick. Lipstick makes me happy. You will rarely see me without it’s my talisman. 
29. Meeting new friends. I love making new friends. As we get older - our friendship circle becomes smaller - I’m doing my best to buck that trend because it’s stupid.
30. The colors green and blue. I love green. It make me feel healthy and my eyes POP when I wear green. Blue reminds me of people with diabetes, the ocean, and cornflowers. Blue makes me heart happy.
31. Gifts from the sea. As in shells, sea glass and rocks smoothed over by the sand - That Poseidon knows what he’s doing! 
32. The Ocean. I am drawn to it and I am part of it. The ocean calms me and sometimes it frightens me. 
33. Photography. I love to take pictures - it allows me to see things form different angles and POV. It’s one of the ways I try and express myself artistically. 
34. Naps. Naps are awesome. 
35. Cheese. I am a cheese slut
36. Writing in Sketch books. I take a lot of notes - writing in sketchbooks allows me to express my thoughts outside of the lines.
37. Libraries. A building filled with books; periodicals, art, computers and neighbors - a fellowship of bibliophiles that brings communities together.
38. Music. Music is part of my heart. There’s not a genre I don’t like when it comes to music. 
39. Daffodils. Daffodils are resilient, they give me hope and they remind me of my mom. 
40. Children with Diabetes FFL Conference(s). Green and Orange bracelet magic. 

41. My nieces and nephews - Individual pieces of art that have made my life better since I first became an Auntie - at the age of almost 6.


Richard's Rambling Review said...

Hi Kelly, I really like your list!!!

Scott S said...

K2: Here's to a 41st diaversary (its still nothing to celebrate, but is worthy of acknowledgement), this year was my 42nd and I decided to ignore it--not intentionally, but I had other priorities and there will always be a 45th not too far away. But you're much better about making and keeping lists than I am. I refuse to keep a log and won't bring any of my 5 meters to the endo's office for download; after this much time, they aren't much help in enabling me to discover anything I wouldn't have found on my own and I mostly rely on them to do pre-certs, appeals, and prescriptions which takes plenty of time. Still, I did enjoy reading your list and look forward to the day when it won't be necessary!