Saturday, November 17, 2007

How Great is it? Pretty flipping awesome!!!!

How great is it that we live in an age where when being diagnosed as a diabetic, we are no longer being diagnosed with a death sentence, but a life sentence. A life full of laughter, love, and good health, if we just do the work that is required. Is it a pain in the ass? Sometimes - both literally and figuratively. Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY.

How great is it that we live in an age where blood sugar machines take less then 5 seconds from start to finish to work, and are no longer the size of a cassette player from 1985. Of course the whole test strip issue ( we find them everywhere) still exists, but hey, this too shall pass.

How great is it that type 1's can now walk around with an insulin pump - which is basically an electronic pancreas. In a sense (and for those of you robot geeks out there) we "pumpers"are cyborgs of sorts. Or in my case, A CHICK ROBOT. Which was more of a turn-on for the ex boyfriend then one would think, but I digress.

The cyborg part of us blinks and beeps, requires a battery, and the tubing occasionally gets caught on the door knob - which I've been told is VERY funny to watch when it happens. Everything electronic has a few flaws, but unlike ipods, our pumps do not just stop working one day for no good reason.

OK - this is my favorite. How great is it that now we can actually have our cake and eat too. GUILT FREE. And our ice cream, peanut butter cups, and banana pancakes. Of course like
non- diabetic, non-cyborgs, we can't make a daily habit of those treats, or we'd be the size of a linebacker. But isn't it great to know that when we do get the occasional craving, we can give in to it.

Just a few observations that I thought I'd share with you all. Please feel free to post your "How great is it" thoughts.

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