Sunday, November 18, 2007

Just my keys and will never happen, but that's ok

There are days when I get pretty annoyed at the fact that in order to get out the door, I need to strap on a small pharmacy to my person. Traveling light is never really an option if your a diabetic.
This " Diabetes is such a f-ing pain in the ass" attitude usually rears its ugly head when I'm preparing for anything having to do with my love of water sports, or getting ready to go for one of my marathon walks. I love to be in, or on the water and I love to hike for hours on end. It's those times that I wish I could just walk out the door with my keys and nothing else. No spare batteries; no blood sugar machine or test strips, sans the frio packs for my pump and the Lara Bars just in case I need to eat. At those times I fantasize about just my keys and me walking out the door when the walk or water beckons.
But then I take a step back and ask myself:
Do I need a wheel chair? NO.
Do I need oxygen? NO.
Am I allergic to peanut butter? NO- THANK GOD.
Do I need a swift kick in the ass? YES. Why? Because I'm pretty lucky. We all are, and we need to remind ourselves of that sometimes. We just need insulin, a pump, a spare battery or two and we're good to go! It could be so much worse.
Then I get glad again, continue prepping for the beach or the hike, knowing that all is right in my world. My world just requires a few spare batteries and the likes there of ; )


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

kell - am glad to see you got your blog going. good luck with it. love, em