Friday, November 9, 2007

Kelly Kunik's Diabtesaliciousness Blog 1st entry

So After much hesitation, I've decided to join the world of blogging. What will I talk about??? Well I'm not really sure, but I do know that much of my blog will focus on the wonderful world of Type 1 Diabetes. In my world we call Diabetesaliciousness. Why? because it sounds much cooler and sexier than Type 1 Diabetes, and let's face it, it has nice a ring;)

I'm a type 1 since forever and I poke fun at all the funny things that can happen to you when your diabetic. Laughter is wonderful! But my humor is based on fact and I use not only to educate my audience, but to make them see all the positives in what can perceived as a very negative situation.

What really got me going regarding blogging was Halle Berry's most idiotic statement that she
(and I quote)
" I've been able to ween myself off insulin through diet and exercise and no longer considers myself a type 1, but a type 2."


First lesson in this blog - There is absolutely no way in hell that a Type 1 Diabetic can become a Type 2. THEY ARE 2 DIFFERENT DISEASES.
Type 1 is an autoimmune disease where the body's own cells actually attack the area of the Pancreas (The Island of Langerhans) where insulin is produced. TYPE 1's no longer make insulin and must inject the hormone in order to live.
Type 2 Diabetes is an metabolic disease where the body is insulin resistant. It still produces the hormone, but does not produce enough of it. type 2's take either oral medication or injections of the insulin.

Those of us with Type 1 or, who work and or who have a loved one with Type 1, spend hundreds of hours educating any and all who ask what Type 1 is.
A celebrity ( in this case a one who was misdiagnosed, initially) spreads the falsehoods regarding the two diseases and that could cause serious harm to the public.

Do I think she was misdiagnosed? Yeah, absolutely, 100%, I do. 
Do I think her statement was idiotic? Yeah, absolutely, 100%, I do.

I plan to post more on the subject but my blood sugar is getting low and I need to eat.
Keep the faith and we will talk about this later.

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Mike Hoskins said...

This is the November 2007 version of Mike, back in time, finding your blog and reaching out to say HEY!

Stupid Halle Berry... but at least she led K2 to start blogging!

Ok, back to the future now...