Monday, November 12, 2007

A stupid/rude question regarding my insulin pump, and my fantastic response

So, I'm out and about on Saturday with friends being chatted up by a guy who thinks I'm pretty fab, when the subject of my insulin pump comes up. "What's that", he asked, pointing to my belt clip, "a new cell phone or blackberry" he asked, all interested and sweet like. I decided to tell him the truth and said, "it's a nifty, super delicious insulin pump." He got this really concerned look on his face and asked in a serious tone, "can u have kids?" I told him I'd let him know the answer to that and other sex related questions ( including turn-ons and favorite positions) if he could tell me at that very moment what his sperm count was. I was willing let him take his beer glass in the bathroom so he could get an accurate number, I even wrangled a few volunteers to watch the bathroom door for him. Turns out, & I quote here, " I don't really know of the top of my head." "Exactly," I stated as I sashayed away and let him pay for my drink. No morons need apply - regardless of their sperm count.

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Briley said...

This is amazing :)