Wednesday, November 14, 2007

So, back to the madness that is and was caused by Halle Berry

So, back to the madness that is and was caused by Halle Berry. We all know the moronic statement she made (and I'm paraphrasing here folks) regarding how she was able to wean herself off insulin through diet and exercise and has gone from a type 1 to a type 2 - INSANE, I KNOW.

Well, yours truly (along with hundreds of others) called her publicist last week (I LOVE GOOGLE) and she actually called me back! Her name is Meredith O'Sullivan.

She told me that Halle was very upset that others, and myself were upset, and that she never actually said that statement, but blamed “The Actors Studio” for a botched editing job. She also said other media outlets picked up the statement and ran with it.
Meredith said that Halle is sorry that Diabetics are upset, but that she does not discuss her health publicly, as it is her business.

My response to Meredith's statement was: I used to sleep with a film editor - that was  one shot. Then I stated that if Halle is so private about her health, why has she not only gone public in the past regarding diabetes, worked with NovaNordisk and JDRF, and stated on her website that she is "an advocate of diabetes."

Why does America know she’s pregnant and why did she tell Oprah that she watched Jerry Springer while her and her honey were between baby making rounds?

I told Meredith that Halle should come out and actually say something like "Along with most of America, I was misinformed regarding the differences between type one & type 2. I wasn’t just miss informed, I was misdiagnosed!" And then should could go on to state the differences between type 1 and type 2. I told Meredith that Halle needed to make a statement, misquote or not, because the wrong info made it to the public and that info could kill someone.


I also mentioned boycotts and said that no matter what movie Halle is in, or what product she hawks, Type 1's and their friends and family won't be spending a dime on anything related to her. And once again, I was told that while Halle was upset that others like myself were upset, she does not comment on her condition as her health is her business - and she was misquoted, both on television and in print. Such Bull Shit!!!

I wonder if Halle realizes how many people are upset & what her publicist is actually saying to her fans?

I am asking all of my friends out in cyberland to please call Halle's publicist and ask that Halle make statement regarding her "misquote" and get the proper info out there.

E-Mail: meredith.o'
Her Office #'s in NYC and LA are:

Here are some links regarding her "misquote"
ABC News has this to say about HB Statement

And Just reminder for those that don't know:
TYPE 1 DIABETES is an autoimmune disease and the bodies cells actually destroy the part of the Pancreas that makes insulin. Type 1's must always and forever inject themselves with insulin (via needles or the insulin pump) in order to live. IF a type 1 diabetic goes without insulin, THEY CAN AND WILL DIE.

TYPE 2 DIABETES is metabolic disease. People diagnosed with Type 2 ARE INSULIN RESISTANT. However most of the time, their bodies continue to make insulin.
T2 also has a strong genetic component - most t2s are on oral meds, though some require insulin.

And both types of diabetes are difficult!

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