Wednesday, December 26, 2007

30 Christmases.....SWEET!!!

Yesterday was my 30th Christmas with Diabetes.

Life didn't stop with the diagnoses
My Christmas continues to be merry
Christmas lights are still magical
Mistletoe still means the same thing
Presents with special meanings still live in my heart for ever
My nieces & nephews still make me laugh
I still know & sing all the words to "I'm Mr. Heat Miser/ I'm Mr. Snow"
I continue to watch "The Christmas Story" Marathon

Fruit Cakes are still disgusting

Christmas cookies are not off limits & I still bake the best damn macaroons EVER
This year I baked a pumpkin pie and it was delicious

"It's a Wonderful Life"
And like George Baily, I want to lasso the moon and swallow it whole

I spread my Diabetes gospel through laughter & validation

Diabetes is part of me, and life is sweet.


Scott K. Johnson said...


I'm still a couple years away from my 30 with D mark, but I swear I'm going to throw a big party when I get there!

Way to go!

k2 said...

Dude -
U better send me an invite!
Kelly K