Saturday, December 22, 2007

I WASN'T EVEN RUNNING WITH SCISSORS!......... Blood letting Diabetes Style

I was washing dishes this morning and had tossed a pair of cutting shears in the sink the night before. I'd left them outside all summer in my thyme/ oregano pot and they really needed to be washed.

I grabbed the sponge, squirted some soap on the shears and started to scrub. Perhaps it was because I'd only had 1/2 a cup of coffee, or maybe I was blasting Gwen Stafani a little to loud, more likely it was because I was lost in a day dream which is typical in my pre coffee world. BUT, yours truly cut her thumb pretty badly.

Keep in mind that I take a baby aspirin every day to keep my Endo a happy camper.
I was bleeding like something out of "Friday The 13th."

Note to Self: Call Sears and get the dishwasher fixed.

As visions of Dan Akroid dressed as Julia Child screaming "I'm getting light headed" danced in my head, I quickly dried my hand, applied some pressure and got a good look at what was causing all the commotion. The tip was still intact, so that was a relief. I looked at the cut and thought,"Wow look at all that blood - that's a good one - I wonder if it will affect my finger print permanently? I'm not wasting this." I grabbed my blood sugar machine and test strips and took a test. 94, VERY least I had that going for me.

I sat on the couch with my hand wrapped in a towel and raised over my head. Once again my comedy routine was coming to life and I had to laugh. I had just used a very similar joke at a hospital gig I'd had few weeks ago. Only it had been about a paper cut on my index finger, and that B.S. had been closer to 200.

On the brite side, I still had my thumb and I didn't need stitches. I wouldn't have to wash dishes for the rest of the day, and as long as I didn't need to slice a lemon, I'd be fine. AND my B.S. was under 100.


George said...

I cannot decide what is funnier, the fact that whenever I cut myself I think "I am not wasting this!" and test or the very sweet (no pun I swear) name of your blog! I love it! I am going to add you to my blogroll right now!

I apologize for not getting here sooner. I have been caught up in Christmasy Goodness for the past month or so.

Scott K. Johnson said...

I too will test myself anytime I have any kind of finger/hand related bloody injury! Funny how we all think alike sometimes!

I've wondered before if all of the pokes to my fingers make my fingerprints easier to identify, or harder.