Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Pump's Like M.C. Hammer and E.F Hutton

Ever notice that when your with a group of friends and or family, and the conversations getting really good, that would be the time when you need to make a pump adjustment.

No matter how discreet or nonchalant I think I’m being, everybody around me suddenly stops a la “HAMMER TIME,” the minute they see me pressing my pump buttons or fiddling with my dead battery.

One person will take the lead, as the others look on, & ask, "You all right Kel, everything OK?"

Others take the queue and start to chime in with; "How's your sugar?" "Do you need some food, can I get the waitress?"

It’s at that point I feel like my pump is E.F. Hutton. People have actually stopped mid sentence, some even in mid beer, just to make sure that the Voodoo pump and its delicate user are both OK.

What I want to say is; “Jesus, I'm fine people. I'm just bolusing to cover my meal, or replacing a battery, seeing what time it is, or checking how much insulin I have left. Get over it and get on with the story!!! Don’t let me & my trusty pump interrupt.”

Instead, I put them at ease by cracking a self deprecating joke, and let them know everything’s fine. I thank them for their concern, and steer the conversation back to the story - pre pump intrusion.

I think it’s the tech thing that makes them question what’s going on. I’ve never really been the most technological Chick in the group, but to my credit, I’ve made great improvements in that area. maybe it's just the fear of the unknown both physical and technical.

Whatever the reason and like it or not, our friends and family worry about us because they love us. Not to bad when u really think about it.


Cara said...

Oh, I know that. I can even grab my pump to check the time (I don't wear a watch), and everyone stops what's going on to check on me. :) Sometimes it's annoying, but I guess I should be glad they care. LOL

k2 said...

I use my pump or cell to see what time it is to. My best friend bought me a watch for Christmas - I think it was actually to put her mind at ease. She always seems to takes an extra breath when I check my pump. Or at least that's what it looks like on this end.
Your right, it's annoying. And yes, we should be glad they care.
Kelly K

Jeff said...

Hi Kelly.

My sister and I have the same screwy sense of humor, so we both tend to bust each other up. A lot.

Once, when she heard my pump beep, she asked, seriously, if everything was alright. I said something like, "Sure, sure. I just needed to lower my temporary basal rate to 80 percent of the 4pm basal on my weekend pattern after this last correction bolus based on my endocrinologist's P.A.'s recommendation that I adjust my carb ratio from 12 down to 10 to 1 to account for the rise in my glycosylated hemoglobin from 6.8 percent to 7.1 percent, the episodic ketoacidosis that's been presenting itself about twice weekly despite my lower carb dietary restrictions, and most notably the slight uptick in microalbumin."

She said, "Oh."

k2 said...

OK Jeff -

I'm borrowing that monologue next time, VERBATIM.

Kelly K

Jeff said...

It's all yours, Kelly! Let me know how it works on a crowd, OK?

k2 said...

Jeff - I was actually talking about using it on one of my friends. BUT NOW THAT U MENTION IT,I know the audience would get a huge kick out of it!
I'll keep u posted!
Kelly K

Scott K. Johnson said...

The "Hammertime" reference and picture are great!!

Now I'm totally trying to get that out of my head...

STOP! ... Hammertime.