Thursday, January 3, 2008

I'm getting all Zen Philosophical....OR Blood Sugar High Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Diabeast

It's all about Balance folks
Delicate as it might be

For every action, a reaction.
Each check has a balance
And every zig, has a zag.
Sometimes the blood sugar goes up and can take a while to come down.
Other times it falls at record speed and leaves us in a tailspin.
Sweaty, scared, and dare I say...a bit shaken

Some days, Diabetes behaves accordingly and and those around us have no clue.
Other days, it demands all our attention in order to just be.

This picture reminds me of the balance between a Diabetic and Diabetes.
Both can work together if they remember that each brings to the table certain strengths
that may be perceived as a weakness at first.

The balance between the two is a delicate dance whose music changes daily.



Jeff said...

Hi Kelly.

I just found you out here, and I like your site.

Wow, it seems as if your family has its own little T1 epidemic going on there. Do you and your kin get a discount on bulk-rate test strips? It's the least they can do for a family that singlehandedly keeps the strip makers solvent in the down years.

Good sugars to you in '08, and I'll stop by every day to see what's up. Don't be a stranger. ;^)

k2 said...

Jeff -

Where exactly did u find me?? Anyway, I'm glad u did!
I wish we did get a discount, but it seems as if the Test Strip companies have caught on to our plan!

I've been testing my B.S since the days when the machines were the size of a tape recorder from 1979. Back in the early 80's u could actually cut the strips in half to make your supply last longer. Once my father discovered that fact, he in forced that rule religiously!

Glad to hear that u like the site and that you'll be reading Diabetesaliciousness every day.

Now the pressures on!!!!
Thanks and talk with you soon!

Kelly Kunik

Jeff said...

Hi again Kelly.

I found you through a comment you left on another site. Always nice to meet new O.C. friends (I used to think that stood for Organized Crime.) But now that I'm set right, the more the merrier!

Yes, the good old days, when you could literally cut your strip costs in half. Many a night I spent honing my scissors. I was a machinist then, and I actually made a plastic insert for my old, brick sized Glucometer to fit the "new, improved, reduced-width" reagent strips.

Feel free to stop by Go Do A TEST!! anytime. Have a great weekend.