Wednesday, January 2, 2008

1st Day of 2008....Let The Games Begin

I'm so tired......
Stuffy head, achy joints, so-so blood sugars, and a scratchy throat.
More run down than sick. Most likely cyclical, not bacterial.

Still....I must say, I started the first day of 2008 in a pretty terrific way.

Went to an awesome New Years day party with wonderful people, great Bloody Mary's, and lots of laughs. Who knew Guitar Hero could be such a spectator sport?

Watched a few String Bands from my a vantage point on Broad Street and was able to get the crowd on the Academy of Music steps to break out in song - VACATION by the Go-Go's if you can believe it - Thank You to the Philadelphia String Band whose name escapes me, for the musical accompaniment.

Ran into old friends I haven't talked to in like five years at McGillian's.

Finished the day off @1601 and had a tasty meal with friends.

Off to bed by 10:45

January 1st was an A Plus day.
It's going to be great in 2008

Let the games begin.....

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