Friday, January 11, 2008

An Ode To My Pump & Blood Sugar Machine A Le Napoleon Dynamite

I love the movie "Napoleon Dynamite." It has so many great quotes & is truly one of my favorites.

This movie influenced me in many ways. Such as:
  • Buying my nephew a "Vote For Pedro" shirt for his 13th birthday - It was a huge hit!
  • Contemplating Cage Fighting as a new form of cardio
  • Seriously considering adopting either a mythical Liger or a bitchy llama as a pet.
Napoleon's brother Kip, a pasty faced hacker who was training to be a Cage Fighter, spent most of his spare time finding love on the internet with his complete polar opposite.

Kip wrote the following song for his Glamazonian bride.

" Yes I love technology, not as much as you you see, but still I love technology, Always and forever, Always and forever."

That little tune would be what I sing to both my pump & blood sugar monitor every single time they annoy me.

Whenever my battery craps out, my tubing gets tangled, or my blood sugar monitor decides that I didn't sufficiently gouge myself enough for an accurate reading, I take a deep breath and say "I love technology." Then I sing Kip's tune and get on with my day.

We are so lucky to live in an age when Diabetes technology has given us insulin pumps, blood monitors, CGM's,and carb counting is now the rule as opposed to the complete sugar ban of not so long ago.

I sometimes forget how it used to be. Needles, soring blood sugars, antiquated urine testing involving strips, fizzy tablets and a test tube. Blood sugar monitors that were neither portable or accurate. And never being able to enjoy anything that contained even a hint of the Voodoo sugar without receiving criminal looks from others and loads of self guilt from me....

Yes, I want a cure in my life time, but I'm thankful for Diabetes technology. I've seen how it makes my life more livable and Blood Sugar Nirvana more achievable. I'm grateful for it. " Yes I love technology, not as much as you you see, but still I love technology, Always and forever, Always and forever."


Anonymous said...

Thank God test tape wasn't "Always and Forever!"

Have a great weekend, Kelly.

Did any good things come of this morning's meeting?

k2 said...

Jeff -

Could u imagine the living nightmare it would be if we still had to use test tape!

The meeting this morning went really well. I'll get into more detail as the event date nears.

Have a good one!

Kelly K

Cara said...

I am thankful also. I was diagnosed after home testing, thank goodness. But it was the 2 minute version that was huge and clunky. And I remember the days of exchanges and NO SUGAR!! The world of D is so much different now. Isn't it wonderful? Granted a cure would be better, but compared with the days of yesteryear, I am not complaining.

k2 said...

Cara -

The clunky 2 minute B.S. test and the
exchange system of yesteryear sucked!

Thanks for stopping buy and lending your voice! I really appreciate it!

Kelly K